Deputy Commissioner Operations, Kaduna State Police Command Unites With Dignitaries To Launch 2018 Ramadan Tafseer

👤 By Abdul Tukur, Exclusive 

Top dignitaries living in Kaduna joined Ahmad AbdurRahman, the Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations in the state to mark the beginning of Ramadan, this month.

Ramadan, a period when millions of Muslim faithful abstain from eating or drinking from dusk till dawn, is one of the five pillars of Islam. This year’s Ramadan began on Thursday 17 May.

Before the time of breaking, most people converge together at mosque to hear comforting words from God.

The Tafseer, an annual lecture giving during the holy month, usually kick-starts by 4.15 pm and closes at 5. 30 pm daily throughout the fasting period.

Knowing its importance, Mr AbdurRahman, a former Head of Operations and Deputy Director of Operations Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC who is also a sheikh, was joined by Lema Jibril, the Dan Iyan Katsina to launch the Tafseer, at the Command’s HQ Mosque.

A Kaduna indigene, who was present at the occasion this year, told DENISAURUS News, the event is an opportunity to unite many of the people in the state.

He narrated the event which took place on May 15 as a delightful one.

Mr AbdurRahman, he said, urged wealthy people living in Kaduna to assist those less priviledged than them.

The Police chief called for them to do so by providing food stuffs and other items that can alleviate the suffering of the poor, stating that no matter how little the item might be it would be good and double blessings would be received from the good deed.

Islam is a religion of peace and the month of Ramadan is supposed to bring faithfuls closer to God. It is a time to share the peaceful tenet of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH.

Mr AbdurRahman called for all those in the state to love one another and asked them to desist from hate speech for personal interest.

The former anti-graft director also advised all political holders to shun corruption and be contended with what they have – even if they think its not much.

He also enjoined both Christians and Muslims in the state to shun violence, drug addiction and live in peace and harmony in order to move the country forward.

Dr Jibril, a presidential aspirant under the defunct National Republican Convention also used the platform at the Police HQ in Kaduna to discuss on matters that concern the people, such as employment, education and ways to alleviate poverty.


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