EFCC CHAIR: Ibrahim MAGU Gets Another Challenger As Anti-graft Boss From An ACP

đŸ‘€Â EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

A new name has joined those wanting to become the next boss at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, DENISAURUS News has been exclusively told.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP, who is going to challenge Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, a man that was rejected twice by lawmakers, because of an indicting report from the Secret Police, is also a Kanuri by ethnic affiliation, although from Yobe State.

Insiders exposed the ACP – a man that is overseeing an EFCC regional office in the South, as one of few people jostling to replace Mr Magu, 57, described as a “perennial offender” by a former Director General of the Department of State Service, DSS.

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At the moment, sources have asked that the name of the ACP wishing to take over from Mr Magu, be kept hidden.

Despite Mr Magu’s rejection – the first person not to be confirmed as substantive chairman of the EFCC- the anti-graft boss has spent over four years in acting position, sources say he is still trying his best to prolong his stay at the EFCC.

DENISAURUS News has reported extensively how Mr Magu had deployed many gimmick in order to remain at the EFCC – where he hopes he can retire at the age of 60 being a Police Officer.

But many of his tricks – which includes a recent trip with a party chieftain to see Alpha Conde, the President of Guinea in order to appeal to President Buhari, and the use of marabouts in Abuja have not been fruitful, insiders revealed to DENISAURUS News.

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This paper discovered that Mr Magu, who was handed a letter saying he must proceed to the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS, has lost the support of his staff members.

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Following this order to attend NIPSS, Mr Magu made a frantic call and request to his most crucial supporter, the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, but this was not granted.

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The order to attend a mandatory Senior Executive Course at NIPSS, Kuru, Jos, follows a promotion – a news report that was first published by DENISAURUS News, a month before the Police Service Commission even released the names to the public.

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Having failed to stall his move to NIPSS, and knowing his name has been penciled down as one of the participants in the next programme, scheduled to begin either in January or February 2020, Mr Magu is said to be extremely sad.

Those close to him informed this paper that the EFCC boss, consulted a marabout in order to remain. However, when the spiritualist failed to work as he had hoped, the anti-graft boss used the police to arrest the diviner.

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Sensing that Mr Magu is on the way out, the ACP whose identity has been hidden by this paper, decided to throw his name in the mix of those jostling to become the next leader of the anti-graft agency.

DENISAURUS News was reliably informed that both men of Kanuri extract, were once close and have had several “dodgy dealings” with one another, but, alas an internal but clandestine rancour linger between the two police chiefs. A senior police officer source familiar with their activities informed this newspaper.

The police officer stated to this paper, that the ACP is struggling and putting frantic effort to ensure that his Kanuri brother, does not get another nod from President Muhammadu Buhari, for a renomination as the EFCC boss.

It was learned that Mr Magu had sanctioned an investigation of the ACP, over an illegal conduct which did not benefit the anti-graft boss, who then felt cheated that his brother could be such greedy not to involve him.

This newspaper gathered from our source that EFCC’s Magu transferred the ACP from Lagos to Kano office of the anti-graft agency, because he authored a memo to act fraudulently over an investigation that was to yield certain amount of money, for his personal aggrandisement.

According to sources, the reward would not be shared with Mr Magu, who got enraged and felt betrayed by a man he brought to the anti-graft agency for “goldmine.”

DENISAURUS News went further to ascertain why the relationship between EFCC’s Magu and the ACP had turned sour, only to discover that it was all about greed and selfishness.

The ACP was later moved by the anti-graft boss to an EFCC office in the Southern part of the country.

According to a rank and file police officer, seconded to the EFCC, the ACP who is now based in the South, informed a close associate in Kano that he is tired of Mr Magu and can’t wait to see him booted out by President Buhari.

In one of his conversation with officers close to him, he said: “How can this man  (Mr Magu) be following me bumper-to-bumper, as if I usually drag from him whatever he gets from those VIPs, whom he sometimes investigates? Now he has posted me out of Kano State office again, just to humiliate me and make it difficult for me to relate well and live a normal life.

“Who does that to someone that is meant to be his brother of same ethnic background? I wonder such kind of wickedness.” The ACP intoned, when he was lamenting in rage to his associates.


Information at the disposal of DENISAURUS News, revealed it was as a result of this saddened heart that made the ACP preferred himself being ably qualified, and or pushing for a different person to be appointed as the next EFCC boss.

The ACP even told one of his confidant that he is in touch with a top presidency official, who happens to be from the same ethnic background with EFCC’s Magu and himself.


“This man thinks am a fool, that he would use to conceal most of his illegal dealings in Kano, including some Bureau De’ Change (BDC) and Car Stands, only to be suffering me like this. Mr Magu even went to the extent of sending operatives to investigate me. How callous can this man be, yet he would tell people that I am his brother. I so much dislike him with passion.” In another tune, the belligerent ACP vented his anger and frustration to an associate.

DENISAURUS News has learned that a presidency official, promised he would help address the matter between the two police chiefs, as he advised they are both Kanuri and should rather “not wash their dirty linens in public, to save their heritage.”




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