BREAKING: NASS Issues President Buhari With Ultimatum Over Herdsmen Killings, One Sided Corruption Fight And Disobedient IGP

👤 By Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

The National Assembly has given President Muhammadu Buhari some ultimatums to halt the killings in the country, failure to act and members will “evoke its Constitutional powers.”

The Senate and House of Representatives held a closed door meeting that lasted more than three hours today.

DENISAURUS News reporters were first briefed about an executive meeting that took place at the Senate at about 11 this morning.

This paper understands that legislators in the upper chamber held a meeting as a result of recent issues taking places in the country, which has pitted some of them against the Executive arm of government.

Of recent, representative like Dino Melaye, who have spoken against corruption within President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet have been manhandled by the Nigerian Police Force.

Bukola Saraki who seemed to have peeved off a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress over his emergence as Senate President was recently summoned by the Police to answer questions about the Offa robbery.

The Senate President, who denied all allegation and knowledge of the deadly operation that left more than 30 people dead, had previously raised an alarm about how the Inspector General of Police was plotting to “frame” him up.

A series of messages (see picture below) from Mr Idris’ phone in 2017, shows the desperation of the police chief to get information against Senator Saraki.

The IGP engaged a private investigator Victor Uwajeh to use all known method in finding information on the lawmaker.

It provides further prove for the lawmaker, whose security details were once removed by the Department of State Security Service, DSS, this week.

The security operative withdrawn from Nigeria’s number three citizen has since been redeployed to his office.

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After today’s closed door meeting, the Senate President said that “the Security Agencies must be given marching orders to curtail the sustained killings of Nigerians across the country and protect life and properties of Nigerians as this is the primary duty of any responsible Government.”

Lawmakers had previously summoned the IGP, Ibrahim Idris to come to give an account on the killings, but the police chief snubbed their request.

Mr Idris, who goofed while reading a statement in Kano, claims he has owes no one any apology for his refusal to honour the legislative arm of government.

In reaction, the police chief was declared an “enemy of democracy and unfit to hold any public office within and outside the country.”

Legislators from both chambers today reaffirmed it “earlier resolution of vote of no confidence on the Inspector General of Police who does nothing other than preside over the killing of innocent Nigerian and consistent framing up of perceived political opponents of the President and outright disregard for constitutional authority, both executive and legislative.”

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At the end of the joint meeting, both chambers of the National Assembly passed a vote of confidence on the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The President has been asked to “take immediate steps to contain the growing level of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria especially now that we have advantage of the oil price having risen to $80 per barrel.”

The Legislative arm of Government, which operates checks and balances on the Executive can proceed to impeach President Buhari, if he does not meet their demands.

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Senator Saraki, the former Governor of Kwara who read the resolutions which the President is to act on immediately, also notes the lopsidedness of the government’s fight against graft.

“The Government should show sincerity in the fight against corruption by not being selective,” and should urged that current appointees that have cases pending against them should be prosecuted.

DENISAURUS News has exclusively reported several expose about Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, an anti-graft boss who the DSS described as a “perennial offender”

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Despite his rejection by the Senate, Mr Magu remains in office thanks to the support he gains from the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

Staff members of the EFCC, who reached out to this paper since 2016 with exclusive report of Nigeria’s suspension from the Egmont Group – a financial body that has members including the US, UK and Sudan, say that the Government has placed a desperate action for the indictment of Political Exposed Persons, PEPs.

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According to a source in the Commission, the reason being that the campaign for 2019 would be based on the corruption fight and the ability to convict suspected looters.

The Presidency is yet to react to the demands of the National Assembly.








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