Senate Ask Sagay To Do Less Talk and More Work


The Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, PACAC, Professor Itse Sagay has been told to talk less and do more work, after making wrong claims about the 8th Senate. 

In his latest rant, the legal professor who is gradually losing credibility after supporting a corrupt anti-graft chairman, claimed that “the National Assembly has not passed a single bill for the promotion of anti-corruption war since it commenced business in July 2015.”

However,  a spokesperson for the Senate which was inaugurated on June 9, 2015 not July as Prof Sagay claims, stated that “the Whistle Blowers’ Protection Bill, Witness Protection Bill, Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Bill and the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Agency Bill,” were all passed by his colleagues at the upper chamber.

The NFIA bill was passed after DENISAURUS News exclusively broke the news of Nigeria’s suspension from the Egmont group.

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The lawmaker made note that in Prof Sagay’s last speech in Lagos where he “lied about the passage of anti-corruption bills showed that he just deliberately set out to undermine the legislative institution and lower its reputation in the estimation of right thinking members of the society.

“We therefore believe we should put him in his rightful place,” he added.

“Let us make it clear that our salaries and allowances are open books and the details can be taken from the RMFAC by any interested party,” Senator Abdullahi continued in his statement.

“As an academic whose creed should be to find facts and make comments based on truth, we believe that Sagay should stop spreading beer parlour rumours about the salaries and allowances of legislators when he could simply get the facts from the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Allocation Commission (RMFAC) which is the body constitutionally charged with the responsibility of fixing salaries and allowances of all public officials.”

Ordinarily, the comment would have been ignored, Senator Abdullahi said. But with Prof Sagay “whose statements and attitude present him like a rascal and sadist instead of a former university teacher,” a reply from the lawmaker was needed.

According to Senator Abdullahi, “Prof Sagay had been one of the few divisive elements in the Buhari administration who believe their relevance is enhanced only when they create constant tension between the legislature and the executive while also setting members of the executives against each other.”

The lawmaker notes that “this is a man who cannot stand for Councilorship election and win. We challenge him to state what his contributions are in the election of our amiable President, Muhammadu Buhari and what new ideas he has contributed to making the fight against corruption more effective since his appointment. With an easily excited man like him as head of an advisory body, the nation has continued to lose anti-corruption cases in courts due to the failure of his advices.

“He needs to do more work and talk less because media prosecution cannot win the war on corruption,” Senator Abdullahi stated.

DENISAURUS News reported in the past that PACAC members such as Prof Sagay have compromised  duties in overseeing the fight against corruption by wrongly fixing jobs for their relatives at the anti-graft agency.

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