eXTRANews: Democracy Must Be PROTECTED, Senator Bukola Saraki

👤 By Adenike Lucas

The President of the 8th Senate, Bukola Saraki today insisted that Nigeria’s democracy must be protected. 

Senator Saraki who expressed concerns over an incident where the Mace was removed by thugs, said that “the National Assembly will work closely with Civil Society Organisations, Trade Unions and NGOs to further deepen and protect our democracy.”

DENISAURUS News learnt that the representative for Delta Central, who was not pleased that he was suspended by his colleagues, coordinated the removal of the ornament, the symbol of authority of the Senate from the National Assembly complex on April 18.

It was later discovered under a bridge in Abuja.

Many wonder how easy thugs were allowed access into such an institution like the National Assembly.

Using the handle, @stalyf the twitter user explained that “to gain access into the Complex, you will pass through one of the most time-consuming, energy-sapping, rigorous screenings available in Nigeria and a tag assigned to you after you must have provided details of the office you’re going to & a confirmation gotten from same office

“For a group of thugs to have gained access into the Assembly Complex and even passed through another layer of security by the Chamber’s entrance, a high-powered Official must have granted them clearance.”

She said the person must be “far above Senator Omo-Agege and who can give senior police officers directives.”

Till date, the 54-year-old lawmaker, a member of the Pro-Buhari group in the Senate has not been reprimanded for his actions.

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Lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives held a closed door meeting today to discuss a series of concerns they have with the Executive arm of government.

Some Nigerian legislators have had a running with the police after they made revealing expose about corrupt officials in President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet.

Recently, Dino Melaye, the representative for Kogi-West Senatorial District raised a point of order over an hidden account used by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

After his revelation, the anti-corruption activist was hounded and manhandled by the Police Force, which is usually under the control of the executive.

During the closed door meeting, legislators reeled out a list of ultimatums that must be adhered by the President Buhari.

They made it known that they are willing to work “with International Communities through the IPU, APU, ECOWAS, CPA, Parliament, Pan African Parliament, EU, UN, US congress and UK Parliament to secure our democracy.”

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They also say that “Democratic elections must be competitive and inclusive by removing the present reign of fear and intimidation particularly as we approach the forthcoming 2019 elections.”

If President Buhari fails to meet their demands, they would evoke their constitutional rights. Constitutional lawyers told DENISAURUS News this could mean an impeachment process against the President.



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