SABOTAGE: Magu Abort Operations And Risk Lives Of EFCC Operatives

Exclusive: By Staff Reporter From The Pebbles News

Intense details of how Ibrahim Mustafa Magu remains a “Liability to Anti-graft War” has been shared with reporters from DENISAURUS News.

The public was first alerted to Mr Magu’s costly damages when his nomination as the fourth substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC was rejected based on an indicting and detailed report by the Department of States Services, DSS.

The Borno born police officer, who failed to defend himself at his screening, was accused of being corrupt and using police lackeys to receive kickbacks.

Try as he might, Mr Magu’s plan to delude Nigerians into dismissing the report as “Corruption Fighting Back,” have failed with the outflow of revelation on his shady ways which has been brought to public foray by dedicated journalist working for this website.

The latest being the shutdown of Nigeria’s Financial Intelligence Unit which was exclusively reported by DENISAURUS News in May. The suspension of the NFIU from the renowned Egmont Group was due to Mr Magu’s sabotage and his failure to comply with legal regime framework as required by the world FIU regulatory body.

Another embarrassment to the Nigerian public by Mr Magu, is the suspiciously aborted raid on a suspect’s house.

According to EFCC sources, during the operation at the residence of the suspect, the accused put a call to Mr Magu, telling the Anti-graft boss that his boys have come to embarrass him.

Insiders revealed that Mr Magu ordered that the suspect hands the phone to the operatives, but they (operatives) declined to speak with whoever was on phone. This angered Mr Magu, who immediately put a call across to the Director of Operations at the originating office, and lambasted him to recall and abort the said investigation.

Unfortunately, it was later discovered that the suspect had been a very close associate of Mr Magu, and had been involved in so many corrupt and fraudulent activities in Nigeria, another source alluded.

A staff reporter from the Pebbles News was authoritatively informed that the office where the operation originated is presently in disarray, as operatives are wondering how their boss who publicly claims “Mr Integrity” and even castigated the DSS as being “Integrity Deficient”, could abort such a vital investigation and operation, just for selfish motive.

Meanwhile, in another development, this online newspaper discovered that a major operation has also been flawed by Mr Magu.

We learned that the anti-graft boss had ordered operatives to the home of a former Head of State and retired Army General.

Mr Magu claimed to have authorised the raid based on information sequel to whistle blowers intelligence.

The source who did not want to be named alleged that the former Head of State had hidden stolen funds, from the Halliburton fraud at his guest house.

However, this media house was authoritatively informed that EFCC operatives who arrived the guest house of the former Head of State in Northern Nigeria were stopped by his Chief Security Officer, CSO.

The CSO, then put a phone call across to his Principal. Subsequently, the Operatives were asked to go and meet the former Head of State at his main residence, being the instruction to the CSO.

Explaining further, the insider said due as “duty call required, the EFCC Operatives needed clearance from the Anti-graft boss, before changing or moving from their target location.

He said: “Lord and behold, Mr Magu switched off his mobile phone, and the Operatives became stranded. All effort to reach their boss was futile, as Mr Magu ignored them in entirety until they returned back in vein, our source revealed.”

Staff members have always complained about being abandoned by their boss when the chips are down.

“If he (Mr Magu) knew that he cannot or does not have the effrontery to command, why did he send them on a ‘suicide mission’ and left them in the middle of the deep blue sea,” a staff said.

“This has always been the way and manner in which Mr Magu sacrifices EFCC Operatives, whenever he realizes that the Chips are down, and it may affect his job.

EFCC Spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren has not returned our requests for comment about the aborted raid at the house of the former Head of State and retired Army General.

Staff members who are beginning to grumble behind their boss, asked: “What kind of a Leader is this that will always want his subordinates to take the fall in crucial investigations like this?

EFCC workers say they need “the urgent intervention of President Muhammadu Buhari,” to resolve the problems created by their boss.

They say upon his return from his London Medical leave, he should “wield the big stick” and “sack” the anti-graft acting boss, as well as “hand him over to the DSS for further investigation over allegations that’s been made against him.”


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