“Trigger-Happy” Officer Arrested For Murdering Nenadi Usman’s Daughter Granted 50 MILLION NAIRA Bail

👤 By Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

A “trigger-happy” Deputy Superintendent of Police arrested for the murder of Anita Akapson has been granted bail.

Inagozie Godwin who is charged for the murder of Ms Akapson, appeared before the High Court in Abuja today.

DENISAURUS News understands that the deceased who is the daughter of Esther Nenadi- Usman, a former Senator and Finance Minister, was shot dead on the night of October 13, 2018.

Friends of Miss Akapson who described her as a “cheerful and hardworking soul,” say that she did nothing wrong when the police officer shot her dead.

“Anita Akapson was gunned down last night by policemen that were dragging with her at Maitama, Abuja …SHE DID NOTHING WRONG,” @ChrisHaze_ wrote on twitter.

Hours after the murder of the 31-year-old, Nigerians began to clamour for justice on her behalf.

Mrs Usman has also called for an independent investigation into the death of her daughter.

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This led to a swift reaction from the Inspector General of Police Idris Ibrahim, who promised on October 15 “that justice will be done in the matter.”

The Police Chief also “directed the Commissioner of Police, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to immediately detain and personally carry out a thorough investigation of policemen involved in the incident that resulted in the death of Miss Anita Akapson at Katampe Extension, Abuja on the night of Saturday, 13th October, 2018; and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

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Mr Godwin who denies the charges of culpable homicide sought for bail on October 30th.

The presiding judge, Justice A.O Ebong, on Friday (November 9), set bail for the accused at N50 million.

Mr Godwin is to appear again in court on  November 29 for the commencement of the case.

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