EFCC REVAMP: How Suspended Magu Wasted Billions Of Govt Funds To Train Armsguard But Turned Them Into Hooligans

👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Detective Assistants at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have  have raised alarm over their relegation, disregard and total abandonment by Ibrahim Mustafa MAGU.

Mr Magu, 58, the only person whose nomination as the chairman of the EFCC was rejected due to an indicting report from Department of State Services, DSS, deliberately refused to promote some staff and for many others he withheld their salaries, DENISAURUS News can authoritatively report.

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Sources at the anti-graft agency say their 58-year-old boss, who was apprehended and is being investigated for fraud, did this due to his vindictiveness.

Mr Magu, who has now been suspended from the EFCC, though allocated huge amount for training of operatives, “allowed influx of mobile policemen to take over their statutory responsibilities.”

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According to the aggrieved operatives who feel dehumanised and unprofessionally discarded by Mr Magu, “huge amount of money is spent by government on their training,” but they averred and alleged “that the influx of mobile policemen working for the benefit of their boss,” was used to take over their institutional duties.

DENISAURUS News understand that the first set of the Detective Assistants (DAs) were recruited by the former and only female chairperson of the EFCC, with the aim and believe that the agency is maturing from its nascent stage, hence the need to build the required manpower to face future challenges.

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Against this backdrop, the Arms Guard otherwise known as the Detective Assistants Cadre (School Cert Operatives) were properly selected in a very professional manner, and trained at the Department of State Services, DSS, Training School, Ojo, Lagos in 2013.

While this was in the offing, the removal of Mrs Farida Waziri as the Chairman of the EFCC, short-lived the well structured and articulated platform, designed to assist the anti-graft agency into becoming independent and autonomous, so as to compete with sister agencies in future.

One of our sources revealed that, “the Arms Guard operatives of the EFCC, were groomed with sophisticated and state of the art weaponry, which includes but not limited to Assault rifles, Tavor, Uzi, Pistol, and others even better of than the regular AK-47 used by the mobile Policemen.”

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Unfortunately, the successor to Mrs Waziri, who happens to be Ibrahim Lamorde did not deem it fit either, to follow the laid down structures that would enhance the working pattern and well garnished training given to the Arms Guard of the EFCC.

The fret as gathered by DENISAURUS News, is that the top hierarchy of the senior police officers attached to the anti-graft agency, panic over any uprising that may crop up, should the regular operatives get pushed to the level of reacting over the several years of injustice, bullying and Victimisation meted out on them.

“Do you know that Mr Magu claimed to have spent over ₦2.5billion in the training of the recent Detective Assistants, yet they are used as errand boy for the senior police hierarchy. While the mobile policemen whose training won’t compete with the EFCC Arms Guard, but pay minimum of ₦1million to be seconded to the anti-graft agency, are given much responsibility to say otherwise.” In tuned another source to DENISAURUS News.

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Despite the fact that the mobile Policemen bribe their ways to be seconded to EFCC, they often say “our goldmine posting” would be secured with such payments for influence.

There is need to cause investigation into the acclaimed budgetary provisions for Arms purchase and training, because Mr Magu has never acquired any weapon for usage by both the EFCC Arms Guard, as well as for regular senior operatives. Instead, the continuous secondment of mobile policeman to the anti-graft agency is used to cover up the fraud in arms acquisition.

Another source laments, saying that “to make matters worse, due to the relegation by Mr Magu, some of the Detective Assistants have ventured into illicit conducts that are inimical to the professional standard of the EFCC, thereby putting the revered image of the anti-graft agency in jeopardy.”

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In the same vein, this newspaper was informed that to forestall subsequent reactions that could lead to empire-building, it is expedient to quickly provide a refresher training for these Detective Assistants before phasing out the long overdue exit of the mobile policemen.

“How can the Detective Assistants be well trained, and now additional sets are being trained at the Nigeria Airforce, Kaduna, only to be relegated and used as food and recharge card buyers, and errand boys to the senior police hierarchy,” a staff complained to DENISAURUS News.

Effort to reach out to the spokesman of the EFCC, Dele Oyewale, over this new exposé was futile before filing the report, as his predecessors might have informed him on the vociferous activities of this newspaper on the failed leadership of Ibrahim MAGU at the anti-graft agency.

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