EXCLUSIVE: Relatives and Well Wishers Complain Of Being Excluded from EFCC Cadets Graduation Celebration


Families and friends of 331 cadets who graduated from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have complained bitterly about the reception they received at the ceremony.

The graduation which includes 51 female and 280 male operatives was blasted by many families who attended the event, this morning, January, 13, 2016.

Hundreds of relatives who attended the Passing-Out-Parade organised to mark the graduation of cadets of the Detective Assistant Grade at the EFCC, said they were denied entry into the event by Air Force personnel, despite holding valid entry tickets.

A family who was turned back for no reason told DENISAURUS News that they had attended the graduation of another relative before the training academy was moved to the Nigerian Air Force Base in Zaria, Kaduna.

The family member said they were treated in a shabby manner by Air Force personnel. According to this relative, this sort of bad treatment never happened when the training was held at the EFCC Abuja Academy.

At the EFCC Training Centre, Abuja, “things ran smoothly,” but look at what’s happening here, Saratu who didn’t want to be identified said.

Eye witnesses reported that Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the acting boss of the commission whose nomination was rejected by the Senate following an intelligence report it received from the Department of State Security, DSS, did not arrive at the venue of the PoP graduation ceremony until the last hour.

Mr Magu’s late arrival meant he was not able to give the required speech to the congregation. Many believe Mr Magu deliberately came late to avoid giving a speech as he is usually “inarticulate.”

Mr Magu’s failure to read a prepared speech during a symposium held in Lagos last year and failure to articulate himself on a TV programme are recent examples of how the acting EFCC boss has goofed in public speeches.

Many blamed the EFCC acting chair for moving the training centre out of Abuja to the Nigeria Air Force Training Institute, Kaduna State.

A video of the shambolic event can be viewed on Youtube.

In a telephone interview with this news site, cadets expressed their regret for facing such bad treatment especially in an anti-corruption organization, whose responsibilities is to fight all form of injustices and corruption.

Early this week, graduates who had spent over 24 weeks at the Academy accused their boss, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu of denying them of their welfare and allowances.

The Commission’s boss faced similar accusation from EFCC staff.

Staffers from the Commission say “there is a need to begin to question Mr Magu of EFCC –  what the rationale is to have relocated the training of these newly recruited cadets outside the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, where the anti-graft agency has one of the best Training Academy, comparable to others in the world.”

The cadet planned to protest the abuse they suffered from Mr Magu.

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They called for President Muhammadu Buhari “to conduct an audit immediately on the agency.”

Today, the cadet said, what they and their families had a horrible day on what should have been a day of celebration, thanks to Mr Magu who had failed to heed the opinion of the commandant of the training academy, who had asked for the centre to be moved back to Abuja.

They too, questioned the rationale behind the move of the training centre to Kaduna State, saying many of them had left their homes to come to celebrate with their loved one who had passed out from the EFCC and Air Force, but “were embarrassingly denied access.”



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