SCANDALS: How EFCC’s Magu Is Sexually Harassing Female Staff Members And Forcing Them Out Of Agency

👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu is sexually harassing female staff members at the agency.

The corrupt police officer, is also allowing his lackeys to follow suit, this time with even a married woman, DENISAURUS News can authoritatively reveal.

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Mr Magu, 58, who the Department of State Service, DSS stated in an October 2016 report, that he has failed the “integrity test,” continue to perpetuate himself in office without confirmation by lawmakers at NASS Senate.

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Mr Magu, a Police Commissioner, who was described as a “perennial offender,” was recently linked to a pastor who he uses as a conduit pipe for siphoning money. 

Emmanuel Omale, the lead founder of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Abuja, and Mr Magu made a trip to Dubai together, where they went to scout for houses.  

This information was published by DENISAURUS News in May 2020, causing the pair to send emissaries to the Editor of the website for the “factual” news to be removed. 

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DENISAURUS News refused to be “paid” to take down any story, especially the one that those who were requesting for it to be taking down can’t fault.

The paper instead stated that it was working in line with President Buhari’s corruption fight. Mr Magu, on the other hand has proven himself to be a “liability to the anti-corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.”

The link with Prophet Omale is a further prove of what the DSS stated about how he uses fronts to launder money. 

Staff members at the anti-graft agency, had in the past, lament how their boss has been bullying and victimising them, even though he boast that nothing can be done about his continuous stay-put at the commission.

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Mr Magu who got the support of the Vice President, pastor, professor, senior advocate of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo in the past, made the government to ridicule and relegate the DSS, an institution for a single individual.

Over hundred Staff members at the agency had reached out to DENISAURUS News in the last five years, and have reposed confidence in the objective reportage of the newspaper, hence the overwhelming exposé on the self acclaimed anti-graft czar.

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More than ten female staff members of the EFCC had left the employ of the agency, having resigned to faith for the several ills of Mr Magu, who would not stop frustrating their remain at the commission, for his personal and selfish interest.


DENISAURUS News gathered from a reliable source who wish not to be named, he says “our boss had in several instances made sexual advances at two female staff members, one married and the other a single mother.

“Magu told the single mother that he was aware of her fraternity with top officers in the past, and now is his time for her to cooperate. But the female staff member warned him to stay off her path, else she would crush him.

“Due to continuous pressure from our boss, the single mother could not bear with the arrogance and abuse of power from Magu. She left the anti-graft agency, and tendered her resignation letter.”

Meanwhile, another source averred that, “you can see how ugly our boss is (pardon my audacity), but sincerely, the man doesn’t have shame at all. Do you know that because a very pretty senior, married female staff who once headed a vital unit, rejected the sexual advancement of Magu, he tried to separate her from her family.

“This man transferred the female staff away from her husband and kids. When she made effort to appeal to Magu’s conscience, the man gave her conditions which got her angry and resigned from the EFCC. Several others to mention, but few.”

DENISAURUS News have just received details of how the guts of Mr Magu, has given one of his lackeys the confidence to follow that path of covetousness of his mentor, the anti-graft boss.

The said lackey, who once served in the Port-Harcourt office of the EFCC, was gathered to have illegally enriched himself, owing to his close ties and relationship while working for Mr Magu.

This newspaper understands that the lackey, made money beyond comprehension of other staff members, who wondered how a young officer amass so much wealth in millions, making his senior officers to be afraid of him. It was later revealed that through the benefactor of Mr Magu, Vice President Osinbajo, the lackey got into the good book of the anti-graft boss.

DENISAURUS News was informed that this man-friday of Mr Magu, went as far as having illicit affair with a married woman, who happens to be the wife of a Law Enforcement Officer in Kwara State. The lackey used the illegal wealth he got and gathered to entice the woman, and broke her marriage with the husband.

Being afraid that the lackey would be linked to him, and possibly reveal their unholy alliance, EFCC’s Magu has posted his man-Friday away from Ilorin office of the commission, to two different zonal offices (Lagos, and now Benin Office) within one week when the immoral conduct of the lackey was exposed.

Rage and exposure of the dastardly act of the lackey of Mr Magu, had made the husband of the woman to pen down a petition, stating how over a long period of findings, he discovered the relationship between his wife and the man-Friday of the anti-graft boss.

According to our source, “Magu is acting weird over the incident, and beginning to worry, due to his closeness with the lackey. Even though, the same lackey had told his friends that our boss can do him nothing, because he has his hands over the balls of Magu (especially marabouts consultations) and won’t hesitate to let the cat out of the bag.”

Although, DENISAURUS News had made effort to reach out to the EFCC spokesman, Dele Oyewale, to ascertain the details of the exposé on the man-Friday to Ibrahim Magu, the anti-graft boss, but he could not be reached at the time of filing this report.

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