EXPOSED: EFCC’s Magu Separating Families And Destroying Marriages, Staff Members Lament

👤 By Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News 

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, who has often bullied and victimised his staff members, has been accused of doing more “evil things” to destroy their careers and livelihood.

The man described as a “perennial offender” by the secret police, has been exposed by DENISAURUS News several times, but, he takes his frustrations on staff of the agency.

According to insiders, Mr Magu, who caused Nigeria to be suspended from a world financial intelligence unit (EGMONT Group), a news item which we reported exclusively, and a report that was shamefully denied by the anti-graft boss, is alleged to be subjecting female staff members to unwholesome working atmosphere – which has led to the destruction of many families and marriages.


This is not the first time Mr Magu has been accused of bullying his staff.

This paper once reported the allegation of bullying and victimisation made against Mr Magu, in 2016, but things have not improved. The anti-graft boss who was rejected twice by lawmakers, has gotten worse on how he deals with staff members.

Some staff members have had to resign their appointment and seek employment elsewhere.

However, those who remain have spoken anonymously about the poor condition of service at their place of work. They blame their boss, whose tenure lapses this month, for the unbearable conditions they are being put through.

Mr Magu, 57, who failed to be confirmed as the substantive chairman of the anti-graft agency, is said to be running a vendetta against his subordinates, following his rejection and failed plans to have his name re-submitted to the National Assembly.

Mr Magu, whose promotion as a Commissioner of Police, was exclusively reported by this paper in 2018, is meant to be attending a Senior Executive Course in Kuru, Jos, however he has failed to do so. The Borno-born Police Officer wanted his name to be resent to the 9th Senate, despite being rejected twice already by 8th Senate senior lawmakers.

A source told DENISAURUS News that Mr Magu, has now been told by President Muhammadu Buhari to commence the course, which has upset the anti-graft boss, and made him lost the support of many of his staff members.

Many of the revelations put forward to the President against Mr Magu, were first published on this newspaper.

The anti-graft boss, who has lost the support of many of his staff, is now doing things to ruffle their feathers, before his move to NIPSS and insiders say he “brags about it to friends as though a sadist would exhibit when they see their victims in pains.”

DENISAURUS News has received several calls from over a hundred staff members, lamenting on how their “smartly corrupt” boss is hell bent to perpetuate his cruelty against them, thereby causing serious harm to the family institution in the country.

Recently, we gathered that over twenty marriages of staff have been crushed between June 2019 till date, due to the lack of human face by EFCC’s Magu in dealing with matters concerning hard working staff, who risk their lives daily to give President Buhari’s government, the commendations received over the fight against corruption.

Instead of motivating staff members of the anti-graft agency, especially married women to put in their best, the EFCC czar prefers to see them cry and demoralised, by being unable to meet the target to rid Nigeria of Corruption. DENISAURUS News has been informed.

Like, in some agencies, where staff members are encouraged to get married to each other to foster harmonious working environment, the EFCC is no different . Rather than encourage colleagues to tie the knot, and live a happy married homes, Mr Magu has been shattering such union among staff members of the anti-graft agency.

Information at the disposal of DENISAURUS News, revealed that most affected female staff members have resigned from the anti-graft agency, due to their inability to choose between their job and family demands. Many more are still on the line to tow same path.

Our source disclosed that when Mr Magu was approached over the deteriorating level of commitment from female staff members, he showed no concern, but queried the affront of some management staff over why they would tell him about such “irrelevant issues”.

Another source informed DENISAURUS News that their boss said “why are you management staff disturbing my peace? If they (female staff) want the EFCC job, then they should preferably divorce their spouses.”

Presently, this newspaper was reliably intimated that apart from the twenty two female staff who have resigned from the anti-graft agency, others are crying daily. They said “should President Muhammadu Buhari dream of retaining Mr Magu, they would tender their resignation and let the world know about other immoral conduct and activities of their boss.”

In the past, some top female management staff had resigned from the EFCC, following allegations leveled against Mr Magu. Although, it was alleged that despite petitions to the Presidency, no action was taken by President Buhari, as if a condone of the illicit running of the agency by the anti-graft Czar is in accord with the mandate handed to him.


DENISAURUS News gathered that EFCC’s Magu is not even showing concern about the way his actions might have destroyed families and broken marriages.

Instead, a female staff in one of the northern State Offices of the commission is almost going out of her sanity, due to the inability to comprehend how a boss like Mr Magu can harbour hatred against Staff members, using all apparatus at his disposal to frustrate them.

“You mean if it was Zahra Buhari or Kiki Osinbajo, who happens to be married and deliberately moved away from their children and husband, would President Buhari and Professor Osinbajo fold their arms without any action to arrest the situation?” a female staff member cried out during a phone interview with DENISAURUS News.

In one of the instances, a female staff member went to Mr Magu and allayed her challenges, believing that as a father, the anti-graft boss would understand her predicaments. The anti-corruption Czar started shouting on top of his voice, suggesting that if she is tired of the job, she can resign. This drew the attention of some management staff and the female staff who was hurt, immediately threw her Identity Card on the floor and left the 9th floor of the EFCC Headquarters.

The anti-graft agency is better regarded as a Law Enforcement Agency, this is accurately correct. Although, the Nigeria Public Service Rule tend to accommodate the female folks, in terms of building family ties and grooming children to be better in the society. Therefore, one could wonder what gave Mr Magu the ungodly heart to blackmail female staff members of the EFCC into resigning. “There is more than meets the eyes,” a policeman attached to the anti-graft agency told this newspaper.

DENISAURUS News can reveal that many petitions have been sent to the Aso Rock Villa, over the corruption and impunity perpetrated by EFCC’s Magu in the last four years.

Similarly, petitions have been written to the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and the National Assembly.

However, it was only the petition forwarded to the eight NASS Senate by EFCC staff members that got some attention, which further corroborated the October 2016 indicting DSS report that revealed the anti-graft boss is a “liability on anti-corruption fight of the present administration.”

In the same vein, a retired DIG Perry Osayande had also reported that Mr Magu is a “smartly corrupt” officer, that cannot be trusted with “money and power.” Who else can be more accurate in their report on the anti-graft boss, other than his former superior at the Nigeria Police Force, NPF.

Mr Wilson Uwujaren, the EFCC Spokesman was contacted by DENISAURUS News, but no comment was received. As he could neither confirm nor deny the victimisation of female staff members by EFCC’s Magu.

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