AuGF: Corrupt Elements In Nigeria Steal $2.6 Trillion Every Year

👤  By Danjuma Aliyu and Abdul Tukur, DENISAURUS News

Trillions of dollars is stolen and shared by a few people in Nigeria, the Auditor General of the Federation has said.

Anthony Ayine, who was speaking at the national conference and annual general meeting of the Committee of Heads of Internal Audit Departments/Units in Nigerian Universities (CHIADINU) at Kwara State University (KWASU), explained that up to 2.6 trillion dollars is stolen through corruption.

He said: “The effects of corruption to the socioeconomic and political system of the country and the attendant poverty and misery it imposes on the citizenry have been so depressing over the years. This prompted the establishment of institutions like the ICPC, EFCC, code of conduct bureau, bureau of public procurement among others.

“It is however, my strong belief that if the audit function had been operating efficiently and effectively, there would not have been need for all these additional anti-corruption agencies.”

Mr Ayine made the statement days after Priti Patel, a member of parliament wrote a strongly worded opinion piece where she blasted President Muhammadu Buhari for refusing to obey international law.

DENISAURUS News, an independent news website has reported exclusively internal corruption at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC which is headed by Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

This paper understands that Mr Magu, described as a perennial offender is not suitable to head the EFCC and the commission’s fight against corruption under his supervision has not been holistic.

A few days ago, the data centre belonging to the EFCC went up in blazes. The commission says it has lost sensitive document – meaning that it might not be able to account adequately for loot recovered from suspects.

Days before the inferno almost “razed down the building,” in Wuse 2, this paper published a report on Mr Magu’s threat to a detective who promised to expose him.

Ismail Mohammed Tanko, a level 13 detective fondly known as Tupepe, had apparently threatened to expose Mr Magu, who has proven to be a “liability” to the fight against corruption as the Director General of the Secret police, Lawal Daura had predicted.

Coincidentally to his threat, a department which holds the data information was hit the most by the inferno, DENISAURUS News learned from staff members.

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Challenging the myth about the total destruction of data, George Uboh, a well-known anti corruption activist and security analyst has promised to submit documents that would help retrieve the destroyed information.

In a statement sent to DENISAURUS News, Dr Uboh assured President Buhari he has “all the documents germane to the N1.993 Trillion Naira (aggregate of different currencies) EFCC stole from inception to 2013.”

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Like staff members who have spoken to this paper, the security analyst has suspicions about the fire.

He said Mr Magu was asked “to account for all EFCC recoveries; days later, EFCC’s office was gutted by fire, and EFCC is now claiming they have lost sensitive documents. I will volunteer my copy to the President.”

DENISAURUS News reported in August 2016 that Mr Magu, failed to account for all the recovered loot discovered by the agency.

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Instead of dealing with the issue, the Borno born Commissioner of Police ordered the arrest of a popular blogger who published the story.

Subordinates of the Borno born officer also accused him of bullying and victimisation. Two petition which was exclusively posted on this website were sent to the President and National Assembly, yet nothing was done to assist them.

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Critics say anti-graft agency such as the EFCC is only being used to fight perceived enemies of President Buhari’s government.

Mrs Patel, the MP for Witham constituency agrees. She said “despite the President’s public anti-corruption platform, Transparency International has not seen any reduction in corruption since Buhari took office. In fact, the precise opposite has happened, with Nigeria falling 12 places between the 2016 and 2017 rankings.”


In an opinion piece published by City A.M, the Conservative MP who rated President Buhari’s anti-corruption fight low stated that “President Buhari currently faces serious allegations, which include staging show trials of opponents of a regime that is accused of corruption and graft, while simultaneously shielding his own party members and inner circle.”

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President Buhari was the first person in Nigeria to defeat an incumbent at the polls.

The 75-year-old won the elections in 2015 based on his integrity and determination to kill corruption.

President Buhari is now seeking a second term in office and has promised to take Nigeria to the next level after the 2019 elections.

The President who launched his party’s manifesto on Sunday, wants to run the election based on his integrity once again.

However he has been advised by prominent Nigerians to retire from politics after serving his first term.

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A former President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Issa Ayo Salami, who rejected an appointment with President Buhari in a recent gathering noted that “One’s job and integrity are inseparable and should not be separated because the moment professionalism is compromised, it (the profession) becomes in most cases, ineffective.

“May I ask which of the professions is being practiced in Nigeria with due integrity? Certainly none! I want to say at the risk of repetition but for the purpose of emphasis that Nigeria is heading for doom if it fails to drastically deal with the chronic disease of lack of integrity in the practice of the professions. To my mind, all are practiced with impunity and damning consequences.

“All virtues such as courage, truthfulness, dutifulness, hard work, brilliance, skillfulness, productivity, and competence are universal principles. In the same vein, their opposites such as stealing, idleness, falsehood, laziness, betrayal of trust, smart practices, incompetence and recklessness stand condemnable anywhere in the world. Nigeria cannot be an exception.

“I appeal to you to value your names as you do your jobs more than anything else, and consider what history, not what people, would say about you before taking any action. Do not be carried away by the fact that our system is porous and so your misdemeanor may not be easily or readily uncovered. Remember that a day would come when what is hidden will be unearthed.”

President Buhari

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