Justice Salami Rejects Government’s Offer To Monitor Corruption Cases

By Adenike Lucas

Justice Ayo Salami, rtd, has turned down the Nigerian Government’s offer to make him Chairperson of the Corruption and Financial Crimes Cases Trial Monitoring Committee.

Soji Oye, the Director of Communication for the National Judicial Council, NJC announced in September that Justice Salami, a former President of the Court of Appeal, had been appointed in the role.

According to Mr Oye, the functions of the committee include; “Regular monitoring and evaluation of proceedings at designated courts for financial and economic crimes nationwide; Advising the Chief Justice of Nigeria on how to eliminate delay in the trial of alleged corruption cases; Giving feedback to the Council on progress of cases in the designated courts, conduct background checks on judges selected for the designated courts; and Evaluating the performance of the designated courts.”

The decision to appoint Justice Salami which was made by the National Judicial Council, NJC was warmly welcomed by most Nigerians because of the integrity and credentials of the erudite judge.

Media reports states that Justice Salami was not comfortable with the composition of the 15-man committee which is said to include some members who had been implicated in some conflicting challenges between the bench and the bar.

There are also concerns about the anti-corruption agency like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Staff members raised alarm with DENISAURUS News about their boss corrupt act even before an indicting report was sent to the National Assembly, which led to his rejection.

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Even after his nomination was rejected twice by members of the Senate, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu still remains in office.

Under his watch, Nigeria’s Financial Intelligence Unit was suspended by the Egmont group. The news of the suspension was first reported by this newspaper.

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Another disadvantage brought by Mr Magu ‘s “unconstitutional” stay in office, is the shoddy investigation carried out by the agency, which has caused a lot of problems in court and has resulted in no conviction of any Politically Exposed Person during President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.




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