“Presidency Is Not Sincere About The Issue Of Magu” – Senator Dino Melaye

By Adenike Lucas

A leading anti-corruption activist has said the Presidency is not sincere about the issue of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu. 

Senator Dino Melaye, who represents Kogi West, told Bamikole Omishore, in an interview for Senate TV today, that there were ambassadorial nominees who were replaced because of the Senate received a negative security report about them.

Likewise, the Senate rejected Mr Magu’s nomination to become the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC last year, due to an indicting report by the State Security and the anti-graft boss’ failure to defend himself from the allegation during his screening on March 15, 2017.

He accused the presidency, saying it was “not sincere about the issue of Magu” as “it is compulsory that anyone that will get an appointment by the presidency must have security screening by the DSS.”

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Senator Melaye, 43, said: “To start with, my analysis of the Magu situation is that Magu came for a job interview.

“When you are going for a job interview, you go with two mind sets, to get the job or not. What will make you get the job or not is performance, we must be sincere.

“Those that watched the Magu interview live should ask themselves, did Magu actually perform well in the interview? The answer to this is ‘no.’

“Magu could not expressly or articulately state the laws establishing the EFCC. He has no information on the amount he has recovered so far, he was not intellectually mobile and from the interview, Magu failed.

“Our responsibility is to test him if he is qualified, if he has the capacity and capability to manage such an important agency.

“Apart from the issue of competence and oral presentation, the DSS is to Nigeria as CIA and FBI is to the America.

“The DSS wrote a report and paragraph six of that report state categorically that Magu is a limitation to the fight against corruption of President Muhammed Buhari and if a report is coming from the DSS against any Nigerian, the Senate will have no power to do otherwise.”

The Senate did not just get one report about Mr Magu, Senator Melaye, a former House rep member who exposed corruption in the past administration said.

Both reports states that the Borno officer was corrupt. Senator Melaye, questioned the Executive for refusing to remove Mr Magu, even after an ambassadorial nominees by the presidency, was replaced because the DSS had indited him.

“Why is that of the Magu different? I believe it should be a uniform law for everybody,” Senator Melaye,  the best Senator in 2016 and 2017 added.

This newspaper which was the first to provide the details of the intel report by the Department of State Service, DSS, has provided feat piece provided by EFCC staff who alleged that their boss was working against the corruption fight. The confirmed their accusation in its intel report, saying Mr Magu was a “liability to the corruption fight.”

DENISAURUS News, the first to break the news on the suspension of Nigeria from Egmont, understands that Mr Magu who is presently in the United States, could be on the way out, following recent issues at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

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Mr Magu, who was accused of leaking information gotten from the NFIU to media allies in New York, has in the past been accused of taken document home – an offence which lead to his suspension in 2008.

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In a detailed letter to the Attorney-General of the Federation, the Director exposed Mr Magu for his close affinity to one arrested air commodore, in whose house confidential EFCC document were found.

The DSS also revealed that a report fake report and document signed by Mr Magu, requesting for the investigation of the Minister of State of Petroleum resources were part of the document discovered in Mr Mohammed’s house.

The intel report against Mr Magu states he is a perennial offender and cannot change.



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