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Theresa May To Speak To MPs As The Fifth Round Of Negotiations Begin In Brussels

By Christian Smith 

Theresa May is to speak to members of parliament about Brexit later today. In the meeting, she is expected to express her recent speech at Florence which called for a “deep and special partnership” with the EU.

The Prime Minister who believes the UK can “prove the doomsayers wrong” when it comes to Brexit will be making a statement to her colleagues in the House of Commons, as the fifth round of negotiations begin in Brussels.

This will be the last time the two sides are scheduled to meet before an EU summit on 19 October.

To EU leaders, she will say that: “Achieving that partnership will require leadership and flexibility, not just from us but from our friends, the 27 nations of the EU.

“And as we look forward to the next stage, the ball is in their court. But I am optimistic we will receive a positive response.

“Because what we are seeking is not just the best possible deal for us – but also the best possible deal for our European friends too.”



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