Senate President Quits APC To Join PDP

👤 By Danjuma Aliyu 

The President of the eight Senate Bukola Saraki has quit the All Progressives Congress, APC for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The 55-year-old a former Governor of Kwara said even in the face of “great provocation, ridicule and flagrant persecution,” he did all that was “humanly possible” to remain in the ruling party.

Senator Saraki recently celebrated a victorious judgment from the Supreme Court.

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A legal professor informed DENISAURUS News that had the Code Of Conduct Tribunal, CCT indicted the Senate President over allegation of false assets, he’d have been prevented from running the office for 10 years and his assets would have been stripped.

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After successfully defending himself from the charges put against him, the lawmaker was then accused of being behind the deadly robbery that led to the death of more than 30 people in Offa, Kwara.

Speaking on his decision to leave the APC, he said: “this is not a decision that I have made lightly. If anything at all, I have tarried for so long and did all that was humanly possible, even in the face of great provocation, ridicule and flagrant persecution, to give opportunity for peace, reconciliation and harmonious existence.”

Senator Saraki, who did extensive consultations decided to return to a PDP that has “learnt its lessons” a week after more than 50 lawmakers from both chambers defected from the APC over recent crisis between the executive and legislators.

Among those who left the APC last week where Isah Hamma Misau, a senior lawmaker from Bauchi state and Monsurat Sunomu another top ranking Senator from Oyo state.

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Despite plans made by some people to prevent sitting in order to stop those members from decamping from the APC on that day, Senator Saraki scaled through and read the defection notice in the upper chamber as required by law.

Since the momentous event of last week,  he has since realised that “there are some others in the party leadership hierarchy, who did not think dialogue was the way forward and therefore chose to play the fifth columnists.

“These individuals went to work and ensured that they scuttled the great efforts and the good intentions of these aforementioned leaders of the party.

“Perhaps, had these divisive forces not thrown the cogs in the wheel at the last minutes, and in a manner that made it impossible to sustain any trust in the process, the story today would have been different.

“For me, I leave all that behind me. Today, I start as I return to the party where I began my political journey, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).”

He explained that as a democrat, he believes “that anyone who lays even the most basic claim to being a democrat will not accept peace on those terms; which seeks to compromise the very basis of our existence as the parliament of the people.

“The recent weeks have witnessed a rather unusual attempt to engage with some of these most critical issues at stake.”

One of the reasons, Senator Saraki gave for returning to the PDP is to get a “greater sense of belonging and where the interests of the greatest number of our Nigerians would be best served.”

“The PDP that we return to is now a party that has learnt its lessons the hard way and have realized that no member of the party should be taken for granted; a party that has realized that inclusion, justice and equity are basic precondition for peace. I am excited by the new efforts, which seeks to build the reborn PDP on the core principles of promoting democratic values; internal democracy; accountability; inclusion and national competitiveness; genuine commitment to restructuring and devolution of powers.

“The PDP that we return to is now a party that has learnt its lessons the hard way and have realized that no member of the party should be taken for granted; a party that has realized that inclusion, justice and equity are basic precondition for peace.

“What we have all agreed is that a deep commitment to these ideals was not only a demonstration of our patriotism but also a matter of enlightened self-interest.

“What the experience of the last three years have taught us is that the most important task that we face as a country is how to reunite our people. Never before had so many people in so many parts of our country felt so alienated from their Nigerianness.

“Therefore, we understand that the greatest task before us is to reunite the county and give everyone a sense of belonging regardless of region or religion.

“This is the great task that trumps all. Unless we are able to achieve this, all other claim to progress, would remain unsustainable. This is the task that I am committing myself to and I believe that it is in this PDP, that I will have the opportunity to play my part.

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He said: “it is my hope that the APC will respect the choice that I have made as my democratic right, and understand that even though we will now occupy a different political space, we do not necessarily become enemies unto one another.”

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