EXPOSED: Plans Underway By Gov Yahaya Bello And @PoliceNG To Implicate Sen @Dino_Melaye for ‘Gun Running’

By Adenike Lucas

The least is yet unheard about the various attempt by some aggrieved Federal and State Politicians, over several revelations often from a Kogi- West Senatorial Lawmaker, Senator Dino Melaye.

Since the NASS Senate Lawmaker started exposing Corruption in government, including #Grasscutter; #MTNProfit; #NNPCGate and others, there have been one attack or the other on his person, directly or indirectly.

In the past few months, attempts was made on the life of Senator Dino, which was later twisted by the Nigeria Police Force as a “False Information.”

On another day, some ‘ghost’ electorates were alleged to have started a recall process at #INEC, to send the red chamber outspoken Lawmaker packing from NASS Senate.

DENISAURUS News ally, The Pebbles News had argued that, “Fellow Nigerians! Whenever you see bare LIES, you should be able to read between the lines. Some Paid goons came out to say @Dino_Melaye gave them 3 Guns and the sum of N430,000 Cash. ANYONE who can prove such, we would close down

Continued, “For the record, ANY cash transaction not using financial institution is 95% difficult to establish. Also, except those three guns were licenced in the names of Senator #Dino , those who Alleged should by now be charged with ‘False Information’ plus illegal possession of Fire Arms.”

In a more detailed development, one Sule THOMAS from Lokoja in Kogi State, further Narrates that, “Save for last-minute change of mind, the governor of Kogi State Yahaya Bello and the state’s Police Command have perfected plans to have Senator Dino Melaye arrested over trump-up charges.

“One of the plans is organise a press briefing by the state Police Commissioner any moment from now this Monday afternoon in Lokoja where a notorious criminal by the name Osama will be paraded in
front of the cameras as a gun supplier.

“Given the faulty premise of recalling Senator Dino Melaye, they have realised that the exercise may fail and all attempts to have him arrested is not yielding fruits, hence they want to frame him up on gun running so that he will lose public sympathy which he enjoys now, the source said.

“On why Melaye is being framed up, the state government official said Governor Bello was “seriously” infuriated by the lawmaker’s recent comment on the floor of the Senate regarding the importation of military camouflage, boots and others by the governor.

“For daring to expose the governor on the importation of these dangerous items like military wares, they said he must face the music this time at all costs because the governor is seriously angry.

“So, a criminal in detention will be paraded to mention his name as a gun supplier. But I think this is laughable because the Senator is well known to all,” he added.”

Senator Dino Melaye have cried out in his Twitter Handle @Dino_Melaye, over the recent order by the Inspector General of Police over withdrawal of VIP security from Politicians. The Senior Lawmaker said he was a target.

“Withdrawal of police from VIP I am the target. IG want to expose me so I can be killed. Having survived Assassination attempt twice I deserve police protection in a country where I’m a tax payer.

“No amount of lies and blackmail will detract my attention from speaking the truth and defending it.

“Fabricated lies by Kogi State Govt and the police will fail. It’s utterly laughable and preposterous. It’s a sign of desperation.”

DENISAURUS News reported in the past, how Senator Dino Melaye always stood up for the unjustly treated in the society. Just same way he spoke against the sufferings of virtually all Kogites in the hands of the State Governor Yahaya Bello.

The senior Lawmaker was also firm as he was the first to give support to EFCC Staff Members, who have suffered several years of Victimisation and Bullying under the Leadership of Mr Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the Acting EFCC Chair.

His slogan has always been, “In an unjust society, silence is a crime.”

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