Vice President, Osinbajo Is A Liar And A Fallacious Pastor

By Adenike Lucas

Yemi Osinbajo is a “liar” an aide to the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has said. 

Reno Omokri hit out at the Pastor cum politician who claimed Dr Jonathan shared 150 Billion dollars two weeks before the 2015 election.

The aide of the former president challenged Pastor Osinbajo, the Vice President of Nigeria to provide evidence for his allegation.

“If Professor Osinbajo has proof that former president Jonathan did so. Then we challenge him to publish this proof. He is a professor of law and ought to know that he who alleges must proove,” he stated in a statement.

But, the Office of the number 2 man has refused to yield to Mr Omokri’s request.

Consequently, Mr Omokri said the Vice President “has again surrendered his lips to Satan to be used to spread slander and lies.

“Again, it is a lie from the pit of hell that the Jonathan administration spent only N14 billion on agriculture and N153 billion on infrastructure in three years as alleged by the fallacious Osinbajo.”

A government official once told DENISAURUS News that the Vice President was the worst thing to happen to Nigeria.


The official who works with Pastor Osinbajo, stated then that he had deliberately mislead the country about the appointment of the Acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC whom he said didn’t need to be confirmed by the National Assembly.


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