Senator Omoagege: “I Was Never Arrested”

👤 By Adenike Lucas

The Senator who is accused of stealing the symbol of authority at the National Assembly says he is now back at home.

At about 11:30AM, today, the mace was stolen from the Senate.

The Senate Spokesperson, Abdullahi Sabi named Senator Omo-Agege, the representative for Delta Central Senatorial District as a participator in the theft.

DENISAURUS News understands that the 54-year-old, who was recently sanctioned for making an offensive comment in the NASS, walked into the red chambers, though he was not supposed to have been given access.

Somehow he also managed to secure entry for his guest, one of  who eventually snatched the mace.

The man who stole the mace fled the scene with the ornament, without any hinderance leaving question as to the complacency of security agents at the National Assembly.

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The mace was later recovered by the police at a flyover bridge in Abuja.

There have been report that Senator Omo-Agege was arrested over the act described as a “coup,” by many including a sitting opposition Governor.

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But, in a tweet posted this night, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege said: “I was never arrested!!! I merely left with the Police who wanted to hear my perspective on the matter. Told them my perspective and left immediately after.”




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