Ekweremadu Meets With Osinbajo To Discuss Stolen #Mace

👤 By Adenike Lucas, @denilucs 

Ike Ekweremadu, has meet with the Yemi Osinbajo today to discuss the issue that took place at the National Assembly today. 

The deputy senate president, who presided session when the mace was stolen from NASS today met with the Vice President at the Presidential villa.

DENISAURUS News understands that the private meeting was an opportunity for the lawmaker to give a first hand account on today’s incident to the Vice President

“I’m sure you are aware of the senate invasion today and we have to come and brief the vice-president because the president is not in town. It is appropriate for him to know. We are in a democracy; we are all in one government,” Senator Ekweremadu said after the meeting.

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The lawmaker explained that “it is the responsibility of the president or the vice-president to ensure that there is law and order in the country and once we have this kind of major development it is important that he is briefed at the earliest opportunity.

“The senate president is out of the country, it is, therefore, my responsibility to come over and brief the vice-president who has sympathised with us over what happened and he is going to join forces with us to ensure that we get to the root of the matter to make sure that this will not happen again.

“For us, it’s a threat to our democracy, the invasion of the parliament is not acceptable to any person, its not acceptable to me, its not acceptable to the VP, its not acceptable to my colleagues, I believe its not also acceptable to the president so those who acted this script must be on their own.”

“All we need to do as a country is to ensure that this is forestalled and I want to appeal to the media to help us discourage this kind of brigandage so that people have to behave in a very responsible manner. But let me assure you that we are on top of the situation, we did our sitting today and we are going to continue tomorrow,” he said.

“Having suffered suspension, does Omo-Agege have legal right to enter the chamber? It was a breach of the law for him to force himself into the chambers, as I said police is still investigating we are going to find out the details of those who aided him to come in and then some of them I believe have been arrested and we will get to the root of the matter.”

DENISAURUS News learnt that minutes after the Deputy Senate President, began the session for the day, the lawmaker who represents Delta Central Senatorial district and his thugs forced their way into the chamber causing many to panic.

The 54-year-old took to his heels after seizing the mace.

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The attack on the Senate comes days after Senator Omo-Agege was sanctioned for making an offensive comments on the floor.

In a bid to avoid being reprimanded, the 54-year-old who represents Delta Central Senatorial District took the matter to court, an act that got him suspended for 181 days.

With the intervention of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, the suspension was reduced to 90days.

DENISAURUS News gathered that the suspended lawmaker was not pleased with the decision taken by his colleagues.

This paper learnt that during plenary today, the suspended lawmaker was able to sneak into the chamber, before his thugs forcefully snatched the mace – leaving staff memebers in a mode of panic.

By taking the mace forcefully, the Senate Chairman on Media and Public Affairs said Senator Omo-Agege has engaged in “an act of treason.”

Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi said: “This action is an act of treason, as it is an attempt to overthrow a branch of the Federal Government of Nigeria by force, and it must be treated as such.”

Senator Saraki, who is away in Washington on official duties has also condemned the act.

There has been several reaction to Senator Omo-Agege’s action.

DENISAURUS News discovered an hashtag #OmoAgegeToKuje on twitter.



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