Exclusive: By Staff writer at the Pebble News, @pebbles_news

Saddened by the rate of maladministration, misleading, misinformation and misguiding of the power that be by a supposed Pastor Professor Senior Advocate of Nigeria, in person of Yemi Osinbajo, @Pebbles_News, a twitter handle that strives for social justice in Nigeria, says it has been forced to speak out.

In a series of tweets, the handler who works and dines closely with members of the inner circle of President Buhari’s cabinet, said they were pained to the bone marrow to comprehend that Professor Osinbajo, a man we all felt could help tame Mr President, in the event that nepotism, ethnicity, tribalism, impunity, injustice becomes prevalent in the administration has become even a more problem for the country.

It all began in 2014, when the then ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP tried to explain to gullible Nigerians, how the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, GMB was not who he claimed to be. Those that spoke out argued that a leopard can’t change its skin. To them the man being sold to them as “Mr Integrity” really was not what they thought he was. He was not only corrupt, but nepotistic in all his ways.

This corroborated the recent further revelations by Mohammed Junaid, a one-time Lawmaker of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Dr Junaid, a very ferocious friend of GMB, and a man who can’t be accused of any  “corruption and impunity,” revealed that he once exposed corruption to GMB, while as Chair at Petroleum Trust Fund, PTF. According to Dr Junaid, GMB investigated and confirmed that there was corruption, but because of “nepotism” he did nothing.

This case scenario is what has been replicated almost 20 years down the line. For those that have been following events as it happen in our dear country, at this juncture, doesn’t the recent act of Mr President shows that he is a ‘perennial nepotist’? It is the reason why Dr Junaid is sad.

Now back to our major national concern and why we deemed it necessary to call out Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, to intervene rather than un-look as his Spiritual Son, Professor Osinbajo is derailing from what he preaches to his flock at the Redeem Christian Church of God, RCCG.

We are aware that a party chieftain is the real “benefactor” of the No. 2 citizen; however, must we serve two masters at the same time, all because of worldly vanity? This is the story of Prof Osinbajo, the pastor turned politician for the sake of crumbs of bread.

We are privy to several allegations of confirmed “corruption and impunity” against the said party chieftain, whom Prof Osinbajo owes his allegiance to. Unfortunately, these allegations are in the public domain, as well as in the EFCC. It all dates back to 2007, under the former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime.

At that point in time, were three musketeers (namely Nuhu Ribadu, Ibrahim Lamorde and the current EFCC’s  boss, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu).

The anti-graft agency, had written a report to Chief OBJ, alleging that the party chieftain was the ‘most corrupt’ among all political office holders.

When Chief OBJ handed over to the government of late President Umaru Yar’adua, that same report was in the handover note. Hence, the commencement of another round of investigation by the next leadership of EFCC, under Mrs Farida M. Waziri.

No doubt, the party chieftain was very bitter, and he did all he could to scuttle investigation. It got to the extent of employing the service of the same ex- anti-graft boss who indicted him in 2007. Also, a “bribe” worth N300 million was paid to a police officer to destroy all documentary EVIDENCE.


It sailed through, and the musketeers won the heart of the said party chieftain. Do not forget, those who constitute the musketeers, EFCC’s Magu was a prime frontier.

Even the investigation claim, with Assets and Money Recovered by the Three musketeers, it could not be accounted for till date. Thirty One (31) lists of those investigations, including that of the party chieftain disappeared into the thin air.

Mr Magu, did not stop at only helping the party chieftain evade justice. He also began to blackmail those who initiated the case against the popular member of today’s ruling party.

The anti-graft boss, helped with  “blackmailing” stuff on late ex-President Mr Yaradua and Mrs Waziri to Sahara Reporters. The then Special Adviser Media And Publicity to late Mr Yaradua in the person of  Mr Olusegun Adeniyi ‘@OlusegunVerdict’ confirmed the recurrent blackmailing exposé discovered with EFCC’s Magu. The document was published in an Editorial by #THISDAYLIVE in 2017.

Similarly, the suspension of the NFIU from the Egmont Group, has exposed Mr Magu again as a man who would do anything for power.


Instead, anytime EFCC’s Magu wants to play the victim, he sells to gullible Nigerians, that the government of Mr Yaradua and Mrs Waziri arrested and victimized him, due to his stern investigation of some then corrupt ruling party (PDP) members. He tells a big lie. Mr Magu was caught out with confidential documents in his home, which he was using to blackmail suspects and government officials. Fast forward to 2016, and once the “corrupt” officer was caught for the same offence.

Back to the Crime of #ProfYemiOsinbajo

The  “SMD” according to Femi Fani-Kayode, who superintended over the Justice Department of the then regime of a party chieftain, knew about all the dirty deals perpetrated by his benefactor. But instead, as a clergy and professional, he NEVER deemed it fit to caution or resign.

Rather, Prof Osinbajo helped permeate ‘corruption and impunity’ under the government of his supposed “benefactor.” Prof Osinbajo played loyal to his benefactor! He was rewarded with the position of No 2 of Nigeria, for his loyalty.

So, the DEAL was that once a government would be formed by now governing party, and #PYO as he his also known, would continue to do the bidding of the benefactor. Be it morally, spiritually or professionally ILLEGAL.

Chief among the required morally, spiritually or professionally ILLEGAL act meant to be carried out by Prof Osinbajo for his popular benefactor, was ensure Mr Magu of EFCC, one of the musketeers who saved party chieftain in the past, is imposed on Nigeria and Nigerians.

This is why tooth and nail, Prof Osinbajo in connivance with Itse Sagay and Femi Falana (who also Illegally benefited from the musketeers), worked to destabilise the polity, using S. 171 of the Constitution Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, FRN in favour of Mr Magu to destroy our nascent democracy.

Worthy of note, is that we need Daddy G.O to do the needful by calling his “Spiritual Son” Prof Osinbajo to order. The VP knows and is privy to all the “corruption and impunity” of EFCC’s Magu. We understand that instead of reprimand Mr Magu, the Pastor turned politician, emboldens him to go against the law by perpetually holding the position of Anti-graft Boss.

Officially and personally, Prof Osinbajo has continued to support the anti-graft boss at the detriment of sanctity of his beliefs. Despite the revelations from the Department of State Security Services, DSS, #NASSResolution, #DENISAURUSExposé, PETITIONS by #EFCCStaff etc.

Pastor Adeboye (Daddy G.O), you are a Father and clergy, do not listen to the explanation of Prof Osinbajo in support of EFCC’s Magu, alluding all exposé on anti-graft boss is “corruption fighting back.”

That is the antics and gimmicks given by party chieftain to “hoodwink and cajole” gullible Nigerians. The whole “charade” by Prof Osinbajo is on two major selfish reasons- i). appease benefactor ii). 2019 Elections.

Reliable information at our disposal, with the fear of our Almighty LORD, we gathered that Prof Osinbajo confirmed that he is fully aware that EFCC’s Magu is an “unfit” and “corruptible” person who is not fit to be anti-graft boss.

However, Mr VP revealed that they needed Ibrahim Mustafa Magu for 2019 General Elections. What a TRAGEDY! This is the Pastor Professor Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN who is meant to be a “role model’ for his flock.

Pastor Adeboye, our candid request, appeal and advice to you is, kindly rescue your ‘Spiritual Son’ Prof Osinbajo from setting Nigeria into an anarchic State.

“Impunity and injustice” bears EQUAL reaction.


Written by a staff writer at the @pebbles_news –


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