General Election 2017: Green Party Unleash Plan For A Four-day Working Week In Manifesto

By Abdul Tukur 

The Green Party has launched its election manifesto – where it promised to introduce a four-day working week and scrap tuition fees, in an appeal to get more young voters.

Co-leader Caroline Lucas said the party’s “Green Guarantee” was about hope, and we need hope now like never before.”

“I can’t remember a time in my life where the future has felt more uncertain, with Brexit, with accelerated climate change, with an NHS in crisis,” she added.

Mrs Lucas, the only Green MP has also promised to scrap trident and nationalise the railways.

Plans to re-nationalise the railways and scrap tuition fees for student in England and Wales were detailed in a fully costed Labour manifesto.



The leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn pledged to scrap NHS parking fines and intends to restore the education maintenance grants for student.

Mr Corbyn who was out campaigning in Hull, has seen a sharp rise in his rating in the polls because his policies are beginning to resonate with voters.





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