#GE2017: Jeremy Corbyn To Officially Launch Party Manifesto In Bradford

By Christian Smith

Jeremy Corbyn will unveil his party’s general election manifesto this morning.

The Labour leader will set out his party’s guidance on spending in a few minutes at the University of Bradford. He says it is a “radical and responsible” plan.

In a tweet, he called it a programme of hope.” By contrast, he said, the Tory campaign, is “built on one word: fear.”

Mr Corbyn said the manifesto will help “create a country that delivers #ForTheMany, not the few.”

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A draft copy of the manifesto was leaked last week but today’s launch will provide full details including costing of all the promises being made to voters.

Labour has promised to provide more funding for the National Health Service and set up a National Education Service which will see learning continue throughout people’s lives.

There are plans to also provide free childcare for 2 year-old’s. Labour plans to deliver this promises by raising  taxes for the top 5 percent of people, VAT on private school, levy on excessive pay and an aggressive crack down on tax evaders which will raise up to £6.5 billion.

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Mr Corbyn also promises to scrap student tuition fees in England and free meal for all primary school children. The cost to abolish university fees will cost £11 millions.

The Labour party plans to increase minimum wage to £10 and will re-nationalise water services, royal mail and railways – which were privatised by Margaret Thatcher.

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Opinion polls show that many of Mr Corbyn’s pledges seem to be popular among voters.

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