General Election 2017: Labour To Give Education the “Priority It Deserves”

By Christian Smith

The leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has promised to deliver an education system that provides for every child.

Mr Corbyn who hopes to become the Prime Minister come June 9, said while addressing the National Association of Head Teachers, NAHT conference in Telford that “funding for our children’s education was been cut”, but  he said a government he leads will give education the “priority it deserves.”

NAHT Conference

The leader of the opposition has always spoken about representing the many and not the privileged few.

“While funding to our children’s education is cut, multinational corporations have received multibillion-pound tax giveaways,” he said.

“How can it be right that money is being siphoned straight out of our children’s schools and directly into the pockets of the super-rich?”

He said: “We have to be clear, once and for all, that enough is enough. Throughout this General Election campaign, we will be making absolutely clear our commitment to build a country for the many, and not just the few.

“A vital part of that will be creating an education system that provides for every child regardless of their background, or their parents’ income.”

A new poll conducted for the Times shows that Mr Corbyn’s campaign promises are resonating with the electorate, as he has managed to reduce the gap between his party and the Conservative by 10 points in just a week.

The YouGov Poll put Conservative at 44 percent and Labour 31 percent compared to last week when it showed a 23 point lead for Mrs May’s Conservatives.

Britain Elects

Yesterday, members of the NAHT voted “vigorously” against the Prime Minister’s grammar schools plans.

Theresa May wants to expand grammars as she believed it would boost opportunities for bright but disadvantaged children. However, head teachers disagree with her.

The Labour Party is also against the expansion of grammar schools in England.

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