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General Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn Promises To Fight Vicious Trade Union Act

By Christian Smith

Jeremy Corbyn took his campaign to Scotland today, where he promised to protect the interest of workers.

Last week, the Prime Minister, Theresa May called a snap election for June 8, after previously promising not to do so.

The Labour party is polling behind the Conservatives, but the Labour leader who is campaigning to stand up for the majority, has promised to fight this campaign to the end. His first stop today was the Scottish Trade Union Congress, STUC, in Aviemore.

During his speech, the Islington MP and leader of the opposition said he would fight to would repeal the “vicious” trade union act introduced last year.

Mr Corbyn said: “Labour will never, ever apologise for the closeness of our relationship with the trade union movement – you are our family.

“That is why one of the very first things we will do when forming our Labour Government will be to repeal the vicious Tory Trade Union Act. Giving working people the rights to collectively organise and make their lives better, safer and more content.

“We will open inquiries into blacklisting and Orgreave. And we urge the Scottish Government to set up an inquiry into the actions of the Scottish police during the miners’ strike.”

The legislation introduced by the former Conservative Prime Minister David sets a threshold for workers voting in strike ballots for action to be legal.

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon who is campaigning for a second Scottish independent referendum, is also expected to address the STUC, today.

Like Mr Corbyn, Ms Sturgeon will also promise to repeal the Trade Union Act.

Meanwhile, two popular grime artists have come out in support of Mr Corbyn.

@JMEBBK, called on his 688K followers to vote Mr Corbyn, a few days after Kingslee James Daley – a conscious rapper known as Akala, threw his support behind the labour leader.


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