SALAMI PANEL REPORT: Why President Buhari Must Avoid Double Jeopardy Over Erstwhile EFCC’s Magu

👤 Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

The case against Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the erstwhile chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, may run into a “brick wall” if President Muhammadu Buhari continues to keep quiet on the matter.

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, who was arrested in July 2020, in front of his subordinates, and was investigated for failing to declare billions in assets and naira, has constantly been exposed by DENISAURUS News since 2015, when he was appointed by President Buhari as Acting Chairman.

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Mr Magu, described as a “perennial offender” by the Department of State Services, DSS is the only EFCC chairman to have his nomination rejected by lawmakers. Yet, he managed to stay in office for five years, because of his close relationship with the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

Professor Osinbajo, a Pastor and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, discredited the indicting report written by the former Director General of the DSS. The man who served as Commissioner of Justice during the reign of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, even ensured that Lawal Musa Daura, who received the praise of former US President, Barack Obama, was removed from office, while he held sway as Acting President in 2017.

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The same way President Buhari managed to keep quiet then, people are now calling for him not to remain silent over the recommendation given by a panel led by Justice Ayo Salami.

It is well known that Mr Magu has a “shoddy” behaviour, an insider said to this paper, adding that it should be reported that on so many occasions, the former EFCC boss has been caught out by reputable media such as DENISAURUS News.

In 2016, Adenike Lucas, the editor of this paper gained access to confidential documents which showed that Mr Magu, was not declaring assets and a news report was written and shared with a popular blogger.

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What Mr Magu did after the story was published in August 2016, shocked many. Mr Magu had the blogger arrested. Even though, in 2020, the claims were corroborated, when the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister for Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN wrote a memo stating corruption against the former EFCC boss. Among the 22 corruption charges, was a case that Mr Magu had diverted naira and assets worth billions.

The memo by the AGF, Mr Malami, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, and the substantive minister in charge of the EFCC, caused President Buhari to institute a panel to investigate Mr Magu.

Sources have since told this paper that Mr Magu was heavily indicted by the Justice Salami panel.

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However, nothing has been heard from the presidency since the panel submitted its report last year, causing some fret among member of the public.

It is becoming glaring that the report of Justice Salami Panel on erstwhile EFCC’s Magu may hit brick-wall, DENISAURUS News can authoritatively reveal.

Mr Magu, who turns 59 this year, it is understood, “knows the weight of the evidence put against him,” our source said. DENISAURUS News heard that the former EFCC boss “is going around begging and lobbying for a soft landing.”

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Mr Magu has also proceeded to speaking to certain people that may be in charge of prosecuting him. He is pleading with them “that they help him scuttle his investigation should the case be referred for prosecution.”

It is essential that President Buhari does not ignore the recommendation of the Justice Salami panel, like he did with the DSS report, DENISAURUS News gathered.

President Muhammadu Buhari had allowed the impunity of Mr Magu to fester, despite an earlier revelation from a former DSS DG, Mr Daura, that all was not well about the personality of the erstwhile EFCC’s boss.

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Little did President Buhari understand that leaving the pivot of the anit-graft to the whims and caprices of his Vice, Professor Osinbajo, was the error to regret for the rest of their tenure.

This paper was informed that “it took the wisdom and sagacity of the present Attorney General of the Federation, Mr Malami, SAN, to open a broad can-of-worm on the several atrocities of Mr Magu.

“Many didn’t know at the initial stage, when VP Osinbajo was shielding Mr Magu, that it was all about the scare of blackmail over the several sins of the former, which the latter was privy and capable of unleashing, should he not be removed or not confirmed as the EFCC Chair.

“The meekness of VP Osinbajo went as far as allowing himself to be used, through abuse of office, to sack the former DSS DG Daura, who had his tab on Mr Magu and accomplices.

“It only dawned on President Buhari in 2018, having realized the swift upon which Lawal Daura was removed from office, to understand that there was more than meets the eye in the revelations against the former EFCC boss.”

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Another clandestine investigation commenced, which had to unravel the pseudo- integrity of Mr Magu. This became clear before the very eyes of President Buhari, that made and form the game-changer on the injustice, bullying and victimisation of staff members perpetrated under the supervision of erstwhile EFCC’s MAGU.

All hand was on deck, from the EFCC staff members to the general public, as well as public officials who were afraid of the possible fight-back from Mr Magu, came together to break the marabout hold on President Buhari, leading to report for retired Justice Ayo Salami Panel to deliberate upon.

Swiftly, in July 2020, following the memo from the Attorney General, Malami SAN to President Buhari, the arrest of erstwhile EFCC’s Magu was executed and he was scheduled to appear before the Justice Salami Presidential Probe Panel.

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Staff members at the EFCC jubilated over the good work of Abubakar Malami SAN, who made the Impunity of Ibrahim Magu to come to an end, despite the denial and cover up from VP Osinbajo in the past five years of deceit and concealment.

Today, it is very important to assert that those who have levelled many allegations against Mr Magu have been vindicated, including the first and brilliant former DSS DG Lawal Daura, who didn’t loose his guard yet persecuted by the backers of the erstwhile EFCC boss.

Although, the fear has started to garner again, owing to the fact that Mr Magu who is well known for his brute illegality, is up and doing with appeal to different quarters, soliciting that he should not be prosecuted for making life unbearable even to staff members at the agency.

It is over two months since the Justice Salami Panel submitted their full and detailed report on the fraudulent activities of erstwhile EFCC’s Magu, however, there is growing concern that this would be swept under the carpet, and thereby putting the lives of many under the train.

A staff at the Presidency noted that “President Buhari has the knife and yam over the recently submitted Justice Salami Panel.

He explained that “they were all waiting to see if the President would allow the world see him aligning with illegality and impunity, just to appease some untouchables? That is what EFCC Staff members are waiting patiently to unravel.”

He ended by stating that he hopes President Buhari would “act now”, adding that “a stitch in time, saves nine.”

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