Governor Dickson Not Loosing Sleep Over Peremobowe’s Defection

👤 By Adenike Lucas, DENISAURUS News 

Seriake Henry Dickson, the outgoing Governor of Bayelsa State, is not loosing sleeping at the recent news of Ebebi Peremobowe’s move to the All Progressives Congress.

Mr Peremobowe, a former Deputy Governor of the South-South state made decided to leave the Peoples Democratic Party on October 11.

In his resignation letter, Mr Peremobowe, who also served as speaker of the South-South State said the party he was leaving was becoming known for failing to follow “due process.”

But, Governor Dickson, who has served eight years said he was confident the PDP would win the election scheduled to hold on November 16.

Governor Dickson, who was cautioned by a young activist to allow members select a “popular candidate,” or the party loses the state to APC, said “elections are by the people and not the leadership of a party. There is a need to be interested in the structure to win an election.

“People should not allow themselves to be used or being bought or paid to decamp to a particular party that cannot win the election in the state. Also read: Duflo becomes second woman, youngest person to win Nobel Economics Prize

“I have the confidence that our party, PDP will win, come Nov. 16. Even if 20 to 30 or more people decamp to APC, it does not affect our party. We are not shaking.

“Winning election is by building a workable system and structures; is by being committed. We are very confident to win because our candidate is the best.

“What we want in the state is a peaceful poll. Our people should be ready to vote for the right candidate; even though, some have been induced with money. People are being paid to decamp but that’s not a problem.

“My duty is to support security agencies for peaceful conduct of the election. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should step up the game for free, fair and acceptable poll.”

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