Femi Gbajabiamila Officially Announces Bid For House Speaker

👤 Abdul Tukur, DENISAURUS News

Majority Leader Femi Gbajabiamila officially announced his bid for Speaker of the 9th National Assembly at an event held in Abuja on Sunday.

The representative for Surulere 1 federal constituency – in his fifth term in the green chamber, who hopes to “galvanise federal lawmakers to make life more abundant for Nigerians,” was joined at the event by 170 members-elect.

Honourable Gbajabiamila reportedly enjoys the support of President Muhammadu Buhari and other senior leaders from the All Progressives Congress for the position he seeks to acquire in June.

The 56-year-old lawmaker who has appointed Mumin Jibrin as the director of his campaign stated that “16 years dedicated to service” of his constituency has given him “a rich legislative background and pedigree.”

“We are not where we ought to be considering the abundance of talents and the blessings from God. However, I am rest assured that slowly but surely we will get there,” he said.

He said: “It is because of this unshakeable belief in the potential and genius of Nigeria and the majesty of our democracy that I today, after wide consultations with my colleagues, friends, family, party and stakeholders and in total submission to the will of God, today formally declare my intention to seek the position of the office of the speaker of the 9th Assembly and offer my service to the nation in this capacity.

“With all sense of humility, I seek this office with a rich legislative background and pedigree and having just won a historic 5th term mandate to the house, I have in the last 16 years dedicated my life to the service of my constituents and Nigeria.

“I have studied and understood the intricate workings of the legislature, a critical arm of government and I have come to understand the imperative of striking a delicate balance in the relationship between the executive and legislative arms of government without compromising the latter‘s independence.”

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