Stop Calling Mama Waziri Corrupt, She Set Up “Asset Forfeiture Unit” And CLEANED Up Ribadu’s Mess At EFCC

👤 By Adenike Lucas, DENISAURUS News

It is high time people know the absolute truth about the first and only female chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Farida Waziri.

Much lies have been spread about her person by fake news media like the Sahara Reporters in the past. They claimed that she was corrupt.

But, Mama Farida as she is fondly called by EFCC staffers set up the Asset Forfeitures Unit – and helped to recover millions of Naira from looters.

The fact is, she cleaned up Nuhu Ribadu’s mess at the Commission.

Mallam Ribadu, the pioneer EFCC Chair, who has joined partisan politics, got into a habit of mis-yarning about Mrs Waziri.

The man who vied to be President of Nigeria and campaigned to be Governor of Adamawa on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is now reduced to a Master of Ceremony at birthday parties.

At one of this occasions, he went about falsely tagging Mrs Waziri and Mohammed Bello Adoke, a former Attorney General as corrupt.

But in the real sense, Mallam Ribadu handed over an empty record of assets and exhibit to Mama Waziri, DENISAURUS News learnt.

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Mrs Waziri who had exposed Mallam Ribadu of failing to account for monies taking from suspects, got backing from a top investigator over her claims.

An investigation by George Uboh founder of the George Uboh Whistle blowers Network, GUNN, corroborated Mrs Waziri’s allegations.

The investigation, which was published by DENISAURUS News, provides details of how Mallam Ribadu who served as the Executive Chair of the EFCC between 2003 and 2007, embezzled huge sums during his tenure.

From 2003-2007, Mallam Ribadu is said to have recovered the sum of N989 Billion as proceeds from financial crimes but declared only N142 Billion.

He is said to have concealed the recovery of the proceed from financial crimes of N847 Billion and this was confirmed by Mr Waziri in December 2016.

Mallam Ribadu is also accused of conspiring with Unity bank PLC to divert the proceeds of two bank cheques in the sum of N166,618,799.18  in September 2005.

The investigator says he has relevant document to support all his allegations against Mallam Ribadu. But instead of defend himself from this heavy allegations, Mallam Ribadu tries to deflect attention from himself by making up spurious lies about his successor.

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“No matter how hard Nuhu (Ribadu) tries to obliterate my tenure with his numerous lies, the record of over 450 convictions secured during my three and a half-year sojourn in EFCC remains indelible, “she said.

She added: “Though I inherited about 10 high profile cases from him in 2008, we took over 75 of such high profile cases to courts, with another 1,500 low profile cases pending in courts as at my exit in November 2011).

“I have decided to mention just a few for now to discourage Nuhu (Ribadu) from claiming the credit for them when next he wants to make himself happy or seek political relevance.”

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Part of cleaning Mallam Ribadu’s mess, Mama Waziri thought it was wrong that the anti-graft agency had no building of its own in Abuja. So, she initiated the prototype of the new EFCC Headquarters, and secured the land for the building. The foundation she laid is the new EFCC building Commissioned by President Buhari.

Mama Farida, a lawyer who is a trained Secret Service agent, did much to fight corruption and was successful in securing the conviction of Bode George, Cecila Ibru, and even former Edo Governor, Lucky Igbenedion.

Ex-governors like Jolly Niamey, Joshua Diayre and local government chairmen in Kogi State were also convicted, after she launched the investigation.

The Intelligent Unit of the anti-graft was set up by Mama, and she looked after the wellbeing of staff, thus preventing them from internal corruption.

She ensured even distribution of foreign course to staff, which helped to build the manpower of the organisation.

Till date many staff still sing her praises and wished she could be returned to head the place, so she can come back to complete her good works.

Despite her achievement, the three musketeers (which includes Mallam Ribadu, Mr Lamorde and Ibrahim Magu) at the EFCC had managed to defame Mama’s reputation.

According to an ally of the three men in the Nigerian Police Force, a fraudulent report was written about the only female EFCC boss.

The replica report bearing a stamp of the Department of State Security Service was handed to Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s President at the time.

The same fraudulent report was sent to the State Department in the US and they summoned Mrs Waziri over to give more information about it.

DENISAURUS News understands that while Mrs Waziri was in the US, the three musketeers used Sahara Reporters to mobilise a crowd who were booing and calling her names. This further damaged her reputation within and outside the country.

Her damaged reputation necessitated President Jonathan to be cajoled into removing her abruptly from office.

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Mrs Waziri, 69 (it’s her birthday today), who worked at the Nigerian Security Organisation, NSO in the 1980’s knew the report sent to the State Department did not emanate from the SSS and she made her case. Unfortunately, it was too late to advise President Jonathan not to remove her.

Adenike Lucas is the Editor and Publisher of DENISAURUS News.


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