FAKE: Purported Viral Letter From Ex-EFCC Chair Farida Waziri To Former President Obasanjo Surfaces Online


DENISAURUS News has found a note printed on a letter headed paper of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, alleged to have been written by Farida Waziri asking a former President to intervene in her retention.

Mrs Waziri, the only woman to have headed the anti-graft agency was fired by former President Goodluck Jonathan, because she dared to investigate a scam in subsidy.

Friends say the note soliciting help from Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to allow her keep her job in 2011, is a fake and could never have been written by Mrs Waziri, a barrister by training.

“It is filled with poor grammar and not well written.” They said that the letter which  narrates how Mrs Waziri admitted to have carried out some hatchet job for the 80-year-old elder statesman who was President of Nigeria from 1999 – 2007, can be said to be authoritatively faulty on many instances having been subjected to scrutiny.

An insider gave us a more transparent and honest description, which tend to discredit the purported viral letter, owing to the knowledge of the specifics as obtainable at the anti-graft agency.

After taking several close look at the letter which has gone viral online, our source revealed that the salutation (Your Excellency) below the receiver address shouldn’t have been typed rather it should have been written with a pen.

From the information gathered, our very vast source argued that, only a gullible and misguided person could believe that such letter exists, how much more to have been authored by a sound “spy” like Mrs Waziri.

Firstly, the were faults in the languages used in the said viral letter, as revealed by our source. For example, the case of ex-Governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel, regarding how he rudely spoke to Chief Obasanjo and the case of ex-Speaker Dimeji Bankole are not incidents that the retired Police officer would ever leak.

We are made to understand that, with the deep knowledge of Security and Intelligence gathered by Mrs Waziri in the early life of her career at Nigeria Security Organisation NSO, the ex-EFCC Chair would never expose such information in a document no matter how desperate she may be.

“Other salient points to note here, Nigerians should be aware that at a particular point in time during the tenure of Mrs Waziri, ex-President Chief Obasanjo made effort to make the ‘Iron Lady’ do his bidding, by witch hunting his enemies. But the ex-EFCC Chair never danced to the wishes of OBJ, most especially on the case of Mr Daniel and several others,” our source explained.

Similarly, the whole content of the text in the alleged viral document, according to our source, is shadowing, indicating forensically that everything therein was superimposed. This invariably, questions the credibility of the said letter.

Thou the signature on the document definitely looks like that of Mrs Waziri, there are doubts about its authenticity.

According to information at disposal of DENISAURUS News, the said letter was manufactured by an unintelligent crew, who saw a narration of experience by Mrs Waziri while in office, as a landmark revelation that could open another can of worms, in the fight against corruption currently going on in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the source further stated that from the letter head, the forgers made a big blunder, as that was the headed paper used during the tenure of Nuhu Ribadu, but briefly used by Mrs Waziri in 2009. The female ex-EFCC Chair during her tenure changed the ‘Eagle Logo’ from a drawing to live picture of the bird.

DENISAURUS News further probed the possibility of such a private content in a letter, to have been documented in a controversial scenario, such that the addressee could even allow a leak.

Intel officers told DENISAURUS News that the technology age of ours; many things could be altered using computer applications. Besides, Mrs Farida Waziri had written several letters to Presidency in the past, during her tenure as the EFCC Chair, anyone harbouring mischief could have lifted her signature stored electronically.

A close confidant of the former EFCC boss said “the real author of this viral letter can do his/her paymasters well, by returning back their money.”

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