VIDEO: Kano Voters Warn President Buhari Over 2019 Ambitions: “shugaban kasa amma yanzun ka bar mu cikin yunwa”


Some people in Kano have warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to think of coming back to office for a second term.

President Buhari, who succeded in defeating an incumbent through the ballot box in 2015, was so desperate to become Commander-in-Chief, they said.

But, in their view after he was elected, President Buhar has increased the suffering in the land.

Speaking in Hausa, the protestors said: “Buhari ka tuna fa baka da aiki muka zabe ka har ka zama shugaban kasa amma yanzun ka bar mu cikin yunwa.”

(Translation: That Buhari was jobless but now that he has become president we are suffering).

One of the demonstrator said: “We are tired of telling us lies daily saying things would be better off soon.”

They say that times were good during the times of President Buhari’s predecessor.

“Lokacin Jonathan muna cin abincin da kaji mu koshi sosai.”
(Translation: Goods and commodities were affordable during Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s time).

President Buhari, 75, promised to kill corruption but under his watch, there have been reports of “widespread corruption” affecting all levels of government.

In fact an anti-corruption boss, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu was himself indicted by the Department of State Security Services for corruption.

Mr Magu, whose nomination as the chairman of the Economic and Finacial Crimes Commission was rejected by the National Assembly, was described as a “perennial offender” by the secret police.

Despite, his rejection, Mr Magu remains in office.

The opposition say the corrupt police officer, whose promotion was exclusively reported by DENISAURUS News, is being used to harass their members before the 2019 election.

The protestors agree with the argument made by Uche Secondus, chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

“Arrest s made in respect of Arms deal is all fraud because no money collected from the suspect s has been judiciously

“The Arms deal fund which they are claiming,  we are in support of those who siphoned the money because they fed us with the money, we were eating and clothing well then but now we are dying in hunger and starvation

“Sambo Dasuki is in order for sharing the Arms deal money because we have benefited.

“PMB should stop interfering in Kano State politics. It is not his business; he is not an indigeene of Kano rather he should go to Niger his original origin to interfere in their politics.”

The Prison yard under construction in Janguza BUK road Kano by God grace Buhari will be the first to jail

Mr Magu should take note on the type of investigation he is doing, the protestor said:  “Karma will catch up with him. “Kai kuma kayi hankali kasan irin aikin da kake yi.”

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