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Family Says Ekwueme Is “Alive And Well,” After Deluge Of Fake News On Twitter Of His Death

By Abdul Tukur

The family of Alex Ekwueme has released a statement to stop the rumour about his passing.

Speculation started after social media users claimed the former Vice Preisdent had slipped into coma for a month.


Twitter users like, Chelsea Hooligan™‏ @snadguy assumed that Dr Ekwueme, the first  elected Vice-President of Nigeria was “dead!!!”


But, Dr Ekwueme’s family while confirming that he had been unwell, said “the worst seemed to be over.”

“The truth is that elder statesman is alive and well. His condition is not only stabilising but improving considerably,” Uche Ezechukwu, spokesman of the family said.

“In fact, the former VP has moved from a stage of unconsciousness to a state whereby he now receives visitors, sits up and eats.”

Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari approved “approved the immediate medical treatment of former Vice-President, Dr Alex Ekwueme, outside Nigeria.

“The approval covers the immediate charter of an Air Ambulance for the emergency movement and the cost of treatment.”


Dr Ekuweme, who was diagnosed with a chest infection at the Memfys Neuro-surgical Hospital in Enugu, is yet to be flown abroad “as the necessary documentation and preliminary are on course and arrangements are being completed.”

Reporters of DENISAURUS News saw the 85-year-old elder statesman at the consecration ceremony of the Church of England’s second ever black Bishop, which took Southwark Cathedral earlier this year. Then he looked hale and hearty.


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