PICTURED: Yele Sowore Hires “Oyinbos” To Protest Against PMB In New York

By Adenike Lucas

The publisher of Sahara Reporters has been accused of renting “oyinbo” people to protest against President Muhammadu Buhari in New York.

DENISAURUS News was informed that Mr Sowore was unable to get support from Nigerians waiting to get their passport at the embassy.


Eye witnesses said the publisher accosted a few people but they all declined to hold up the “Our Mumu Don Do” poster.

The “white (oyinbo) people who carried the placard probably never been to Nigeria before,” a source at the scene told this website.

Meanwhile, supporters of President Buhari staged a counter protest at the London Nigerian High Commission and Abuja House today.

Anti-Buharist protestors who were meant to demonstrate ran off at the sight of the large support for the President.

Details to be added….


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