How Fayose Was Scammed Millions With “11 Buhari Pictures”

By Dada

Governor Ayodele Fayose was very confident, in fact, his confidence was contagious, that he was in possession of ‘exclusive’ photographs to drive home his point to Nigerians that ailing president Muhammadu Buhari who is presently in London on medical leave, was incapacitated and no longer fit to function as president of Nigeria.

He threw caution to the wind and went public with his claim. Little did he know that he was a victim of a carefully coordinated scam. A source close to Abuja revealed that the South West Governor was approached in the Federal capital territory by someone close to the seat of power who claimed some people ‘very close’ to the president were in possession of the said ’11 Pictures’ showing President Buhari in ‘life support machine’, but they would only trade it for money.

The source would not disclose how much the Governor allegedly paid for the 11 photographs, but it ran into “millions of naira”, according to the source.

What Fayose failed to realize was that he was being set up by people close to Abuja to “embarrass him” before the public. “He got the pictures, paid and raced to Ekiti State to organize that press conference on June 6 where he boldly declared Buhari was on Life Support and he had ‘pictures’ to prove his claim.

“They predicted him correctly,” the source said, adding, “someone wanted to shut him up and it was successful to some extent. Not that he was ever taken seriously by many save for his die-hard fans, but now, even his die-hard fans have seen the kind of person he is.”

On why a state governor would not know a photoshoped pictures, the source said: “I told you that the job was ordered by people very close to the seat of power. It was carefully staged, I am sure the photographs were not done in Nigeria, they are so real, it would even fool President Buhari himself. It was just a plot to discredit Fayose further without the presidency responding to him.

You know Buhari’s stand on Fayose-SILENCE. This is a man who dared the wife of the president to enter into the US and risk arrest for a crime someone else committed. The whole world save for Fayose was sure it was not Mrs. Aisha Buhari, wife of Nigerian president that was implicated in that Haliburton scandal, but he kept going on it to the extent he became a nuisance not only to himself but his family and state. And what did the presidency do? Aisha Buhari travelled to the US and met with former First Lady, Michelle Obama among others. This time, they played on his irrational behavior and made him look like a fool. It was a well coordinated conspiracy.”

After Fayose realized he had been conned, he never said another word about the 11 ‘Exclusive’ pictures till the visit of the All Progressives Congress, APC Governors to Abuja House, London where Buhari is recovering from an undisclosed ailment. When Fayose attacked the photograph taken with the APC governors as ‘fake’, the presidency as usual did not respond, rather, it organized six Governors from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and since the photographs of the PDP governors were released late Tuesday, Fayose again has crawled back into his woodworks. Before the end of the week, he will definitely find something else to say after he whined about his exclusion from the PDP Governors’ visit to Buhari.

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