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Finsbury Park Attack Victim, Makram Ali Died From Multiple Injuries

By Abdul Tukur

A  preliminary post-mortem examination has found that a victim of the Finsbury attack died of multiple injuries.

Makram Ali, 51, collapsed from a leg injury and had fully recovered when a terrorist, Darren Osborne crashed a white van into worshippers near a mosque on Seven Sisters Road.

Ten people were injured with two said to be seriously wounded. Scotland Yard revealed that a special postmortem examination carried out on Monday 19 June at the Whittington hospital, showed that Mr Ali, a father of six died of multiple injury.


In a statement, Mr Ali’s family said: “We are distressed about what happened.

“We know that he had some form of collapse because of his weak leg, a condition he suffers from, before recovering, sitting up and expressing a wish to return home only to then become a victim of this horrific incident.

“An incident made only more tragic as he had only just completed his evening prayers, something he did regularly. He took great comfort in the feelings of peace his prayers provided.”


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