Current Affairs

Norman Lamb Would Not Contest Lib Dem Leadership Race

By Abdul Tukur 

Norman Lamb, a former health minister has announced that he will not stand for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats over Brexit.

In an article for the Guardian, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, said despite receiving support and encouragement from party members, he was not seeking to replace Tim Farron, who resigned last week, because his faith had made him a subject of suspicion.

In his resignation speech, Mr Farron said: “I have found myself torn living as a christian and leading a political party in the current environment.”


On Tuesday, Sir Vince Cable announced that he was standing to be leader of his party. Another contender, Ed Davey is yet to indicate if he would be standing for the position.


Mr Lamb, a remainer who defied the Whip by abstaining on article 50, ruled himself out of the contest, explaining that he had “just fought a gruelling campaign to win my North Norfolk seat. Attempting to win a seat for the Liberal Democrats in an area that voted quite heavily to leave the EU was bound to be a challenge.

“Not only was the party’s position on Brexit toxic to many erstwhile Liberal Democrat voters in North Norfolk, but I found myself sympathising with those who felt that the party was not listening to them and was treating them with some disdain.”

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