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Donald Trump’s Visit To The UK Absent From The Queen’s Speech

By Abdul Tukur

There was no mention of Donald Trump’s state house visit to the UK in the Queen’s speech today. 

The 91-year-old Monarch’s speech to open parliament, usually mentions any state visits planned, but today’s address only mentioned a visit from King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain in July.

The Prime Minister invited President Trump after his election victory, but the visit scheduled for this summer, has been widely condemned and has attracted wide protests among the British public.

More than a million people signed a petition to stop President Trump from visiting the country, after he signed an executive order which bans immigration from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen for 120 days.

However, Mrs May still refused to cancel the invitation she offered to the President on behalf of the Queen.


Earlier this month, The US President reportedly made a telephone call where he aid he was not prepared to visit the UK until he gains support from the British public.

The Queen, who laid out the government legislative agenda for the next two years, made no mention of the visit, which indicates that President Trump is not expected soon.

Members of Parliaments debate the Queen’s speech for the next six days, starting from today.

Many report noticed that key Tory manifesto plans such as cut to free school lunches, the expansion of grammar schools, a free vote on fox hunting and the means testing of the winter fuel allowance were also not in the Queen’s speech, but the 91-year-old, confirmed an inquiry into Grenfell Tower Fire, where many died.

The fire which started at the fourth floor of a social housing in Kensington and Chelsea borough, spread rapidly to the other floors. Questions have been raised about the cladding used in the building.

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond said this week, that the cladding used on the 24-storey building was banned in the UK.


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