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Saraki’s Aide Exposes Prof Sagay’s Dark Double Speak

By Danjuma Aliyu 

The chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, PACAC, Professor Itse Sagay has been accused of trying to illegally influence the Senate President’s case at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT.

Senator Bukola Saraki was accused of false declaration of his assets. However, the case was dismissed by Justice Danladi Umar who said that the Senate President had no case to answer.

Prof Sagay has since call for a re-trial. He was supported by the Citizens Action To take Back Nigeria, CTBAN. The group asked that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC should be the one to handle the case and they urged the agency to hire Lagos lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, and Professor, Sagay, as prosecutors.

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In law, double-jeopardy prevents a man from being tried for the same offence twice.

Besides, staff of the EFCC who have previously complained about the closeness between their boss and the chairman of PACAC say that “CTBAN is a sham! It is all a plot by Prof Sagay and Mr Falana who is fighting tooth and nail to keep Ibrahim Mustafa Magu as the chairman of the EFCC.”

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EFCC workers who spoke to reporters of DENISAURUS News, went on to slam both senior lawyers, for being impartial in the way they interpret the law to suit those that are friends with them.

Their comments comes days after Mr Omisore accused Prof Sagay of  illegally interfering with Senator Saraki’s case.

Capture - Banks

He explained that, Prof Sagay was quick to welcome the CCT ruling when it decided to throw a case against Governor Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

However, Prof Sagay refused to give this same view  during the case against the former governor of Kwara.

Instead, Prof Sagay said BAT’s trial was “politically motivated. there is no prima facie evidence against the former Lagos governor and since you can not put something on nothing and expect it to stand,t he trial is bound to fail.”

Yet, even when there was no evidence of corruption against Dr Saraki, Prof Sagaay refused to acknowledge a fair mind. Instead, he said “there is nothing political about Saraki’s trial. A crime is a crime no matter who’s committed it. I was shocked by the ruling. the amount of evidence against Saraki is overwhelming. the war against corruption must undergo serious review.

In a tweet, @MrBanksOmishore posted a video where Prof Sagay admitted that he had approached the CCT Judge to negatively influence the case against @bukolasaraki.

@BanksOmishore said the aim was to stop @bukolasaraki from remaining as the Senate President.

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DENISAURUS News understands that the trouble began when  Senator Saraki was voted by his peers to become the President of the 8th Senate.

Further antagonism came when NASS Senators rejected Mr Magu as the chairman of the EFCC, due to an intelligence report it got from the Department of State Service, DSS.

This website who has exposed Mr Magu as a bent officer, also gave a detailed report on how the Borno Police Commissioner was using media allies such as Sahara Reporter to distort information about corruption cases.

The allegation made against Mr Magu by this website were corroborated by the DSS report.

In his own argument, Mr Omisore, said the publisher of Sahara Reporter, Yele Sowore worked with Prof Sagay to illegally influence the CCT judgement against his boss.

He said the plan failed.

Capture- Bamikole Omisore






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