General Election 2017: “Conservatives Are Strong Against The Weak” – Jeremy Corbyn

By Abdul Tukur

Jeremy Corbyn clashed with the Prime Minister Theresa May at today’s PMQs.

The labour leader furiously said that the Conservative party led by Mrs May, were “strong against the weak and weak against the strong.”

In the last Prime Ministers Question before the June 8 general election, Mr Corbyn also spoke passionately about the National Health Service, NHS.

In 2010, the Conservatives froze public sector pay and have since capped rises at 1 percent per year.

Campaigners have always called out Mrs May’s government for cutting funding to the NHS.

Today, Mrs May refused to answer questions directly put to her about funding to the NHS by the opposition leader.

Nurses have threatened to go on a strike next week, because of this government’s cuts.

In a tweet, Corbyn who represents Islington said: “It is a scandal that 17 nurses a day apply for payday loans to make ends meet.”

He vowed to “end the pay cap for nurses and midwives.”

This news was welcomed by many including Rob Delaney. Mr Delaney urged his 1.4M twitter followers to “vote Labour” “if the NHS or schools are a priority” to them.

“when it comes to the Prime Minister and the Conservatives,”Mr Corbyn said: “they only look after the richest, not the rest.

Mr Corbyn, who is campaigning to be the next Prime Minister  promised to change that by fighting for the many instead of the privileged few.


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