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PMB Has Dinner With Gov. Amosun At Abuja House, London

By Adenike Lucas

Nigeria’s Commander in Chief seems to be making the most of his 10-day holiday in London.

On Sunday,  President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB, hosted one of his closest allies, the governor of Ogun state, Ibikunle Amosun to dinner at the Abuja House, his official residence in London.



The two friends had dinner washed down with a bottle of water, after an earlier visit from Senator Daisy Danjuma.


It comes after fake online news had claimed that President Buhari had committed suicide.



President Buhari, who was nicely tucking into his plate with a fork and knife, appeared to be relaxed while enjoying his holiday (The first one since June 2016).


The 73-year-old is set to return to work on Monday, 6, February, 2017.




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