20 reasons Magu should not be confirmed as substantive chairman of EFCC

ūüϧ¬†By Adenike Lucas, ¬†DENISAURUS News

The desperate bid of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu to become the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been revealed in this website over the past month.

Staff who have long complained about his ‘bullying’ ways are begging¬†the Senate not to confirm their boss when house returns from recess next month.

They gave 20 reasons which was posted on the twitter handle of Adenike Lucas, @denilucs.

1. Magu victimizes and bully EFCC Core Staff, hence #DoNotConfirmMagu


2. Magu fronts 4 suspect in DSS custody; Air Commodore U Mohammed #DoNotConfirmMagu


3. Magu supplies Sahara Reporters with lies on @Mbuhari’s top associates #DoNotConfirmMagu


4. Magu is all out with a plan ‘B’ to embarrass @Mbuhari’s govt #DoNotConfirmMagu


5.  Magu is trying to blackmail everyone by linking them with Sen. @bukolasaraki


6. Magu is attacking the media, dragging us to Decree 4 in democracy#DoNotConfirmMagu


7. Magu using spurious ‘Cyber Stalking’ as a means to intimidate journalist #DoNotConfirmMagu


8. Magu has set a bad precedent for the personal intimidation of Nigerian citizens#DoNotConfirmMagu

9. Magu, under your watch, Desmond Nunugwo died in EFCC custody due to your inhumanity#DoNotConfirmMagu


10. Magu, would @PunchOnline be right to say you are “Power Drunk”#DoNotConfirmMagu


11. Magu fumbled while reading a prepared speech:’Dis Is Our Chance.’ If u can’t express urself in public, how can u lead? #DoNotConfirmMagu

12. Magu, what is your relationship with the Money Launderer ‘Sadiq’ #DoNotConfirmMagu

13. Magu, when has ‘CyberStalking’ become Economic & Financial Crimes? ¬†#DoNotConfirmMagu

14. Magu, why was an EFCC doc found in the DSS suspect’s house; Air Comm U. Mohammed #DoNotConfirmMagu

15. Magu, are u 4 Nigerians & PMB or  are u working on behalf of Lamorde?#DoNotConfirmMagu

16. Magu has been hiding under ‘Arrest and Recovery’ to fool Nigerians #DoNotConfirmMagu

17. Magu then Head of Sections, Economic Governance was sacked from EFCC in 08, for hiding case file of ExGov.#DoNotConfirmMagu

18. Magu, why are u against ‘Whistle Blowers’ in EFCC? Are you afraid of anything?¬†.#DoNotConfirmMagu

19. Magu, why are you fond of sacrificing EFCC Core staff when the chips are down  #DoNotConfirmMagu

20. The incriminating report by the DSS, will nail Magu. It will prove what others have been saying  #DoNotConfirmMagu

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