Ronaldo Picks Benzema As Favourite To Win This Year’s Ballon d’Or

👤 Christian Smith, DENISAURUS News

Brazilian international striker, Ronaldo LuĂ­s Nazário de Lima popularly known by his first name, Ronaldo, is rooting for Kareem Benezema to win this year’s Ballon d’Or.

Writing on his facebook, the 45-year-old forward, who won several medals with his club Inter Milian and country, said: “Without a doubt, my candidate for the Ballon d’Or is Benzema. The best striker, brutal level for 10 years and champion above all. Don’t you think?”

But DENISAURUS News understands that PSG striker Lionel Messi is favourite to pick up the title up, which would be his seventh.

The former Barcelona star has won more Ballon d’or than his rival Christiano Ronaldo, who returned to his boyhood club, Manchester United this year.

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