REVEALED: How Suspended EFCC’s Magu Illegally Negotiated Takeover Of Properties, Schools And Cars Of PEPs

👤 EXCLUSIVE: 247Ureports

Nigeria finds herself battling for air between a rock and a hard place, jumping from the frying pan into the fire amidst the myriad of international embarrassment served up by the numerous corrupt practices engaged by the deposed chief anti-corruption czar of the nation, Ibrahim Magu – against the backdrop of a Muhammadu Buhari administration branded tough and immaculate stance on corruption. An anti-climactic closure to the aged old propaganda.

Reliable information available to indicates the deposed anti-graft czar may have been neck deep into the practice of graft in a grossly unholy scale inimical to the well-being of the country and her citizens in a manner never witnessed in the recorded history of Nigeria.

Magu’s period of servitude saw illegal seizures of properties, exotic vehicles and money from suspects of financial crimes. Often the seizures come in form of ‘shakedowns’ and ‘blackmails’ against the suspects who would be told to enter into a ‘plea bargain’ with the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] – where some of the supposed ill-gotten loot or properties will be returned to the EFCC while the remainder will be left for the suspect to keep. Through this arrangement, the EFCC under Magu used their discretion to seize properties and monies without fully giving account to the EFCC.

This was the case with the owner of the popular night [Quilox] club in Lagos, Hon. Shina Peller.

The Honorable was accosted by the EFCC men in early 2019 following a claim made in a petition that the Honorable member was engaged in financial crimes – that his ostentatious lifestyle were obtained through “419” business.

Hon. Peller owned exotic vehicles and other flashy and expensive items.

When approached by the EFCC, he was made to ‘plea bargain’. In effect, he was coached into reaching an agreement with the agents specifically dispatched by Ibrahim Magu. Hon. Peller allowed Magu to take possession of some of his vehicles in exchange for his freedom and a clean slate.

The seized vehicles were later ‘sold’ to top government officials which our source indicated includes Ministers and Head of Parastatals/Agencies. The sales, interestingly were never captured in the EFCC records. When queried of the whereabouts of the seized vehicles, Magu claimed he ‘dashed’ them out to government officials. Of which, most of the Ministers have denied receiving vehicles from Magu or EFCC.

Another case of illegal seizure depicting carnal criminality was that of Deo Gratias International School in Abuja owned by a Dr. George Odabi.

Dr. Odabi as the managing director of his school is alleged to have in September 2013, secured a ₦40 million loan from one Mrs. Egbunola Ogungbesan for the school’s renovation but breached the agreement to pay back. He is facing prosecution by EFCC on a three-count charge, bordering on breach of trust and issuance of dud cheque to the tune of ₦27 million issued in seven post-dated cheques of Zenith Bank Plc.

Dr. Odabi’s school was immediately seized. Within months of the seizure, the then EFCC acting chairman ‘rewarded’ one of his hatchet men with the school. Ibrahim handed over the ‘ownership’ of the school one of his ‘agents’. The name of the agent is withheld. But the agent is one of the many ‘non EFCC staff’ that run sensitive errands for the then EFCC acting Chairman. The agents were used as ‘go-betweens’ to negotiate with would-be suspects on terms of plea bargain – and terms of bribe and/or settlement. This agent hails from Kogi State.

Dr. Odabi has since been engaged in a battle to recover his school from the agent. is uncertain the extent to which Dr. Odabi has gotten in retrieving his property.

Meanwhile the acclaimed Sun Newspaper belonging to the former Abia State governor and current senator, Orji Uzor Kalu was in the process of being negotiated away to the EFCC when the Presidential probe panel struck. Already, as a possible plea bargain and/or rejig of the EFCC charges and case against Senator Orji Uzor Kalu was in the works in exchange for the supposed seizure of the Sun Newspaper.

Arrangement were underway to begin the setup of a new management structure in readiness for the takeover of the national newspaper.

Our source indicates that Senator Kalu had already agreed to let the Newspaper to the EFCC. And the then Magu led EFCC, on their part, had already set up ‘buyers’ that were waiting to acquire the Newspaper. The buyer as was informed was a front seating in for Ibrahim Magu.

On Friday July 24, 2020, the deposed EFCC boss will appear before the probe panel. This is following a presentation by the Central Bank of Nigeria before the panel on Wednesday. The CBN’s presentation contradicted Magu’s presentation of where the whereabouts of the many seizures by the EFCC.


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