REVEALED | PANEL REPORT: EFCC’s Magu Upturning Outcome As He Transports 12 Marabouts From Maiduguri To Abuja

👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, is even more desperate about his stay at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC – he does not mind destroying more lives to achieve his plans. 

Mr Magu, 58, sensing that his end at the anti-graft agency is near, following his failure to give a thorough explanation on how recovered loots have been managed, has decided to up the fetish programmes he is known for.

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A week ago, a close ally of EFCC’s Magu, reported that an 18-seater bus conveying 12 spiritualist at the request of the anti-graft boss, broke down at Gombe State.

DN00002-May-15-2020The marabout spiritualists, who were heading from Maiduguri to Abuja, had to then stop by the Commission’s office in Gombe, where the head of the zone, was ordered by Mr Magu to release an official bus that will convey them to their destination.

A source said that since the incident, Mr Magu has gotten a renewed confidence about his stay. He has been informed by those who came to do the fetish work for him, that no one will be able to remove him, despite large evidence of corruption on his part.

This is not the first time the anti-graft boss has been caught out, using spiritualist in his bid to remain in office.

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Till date, Mr Magu has not been able to account for the amount of monies recovered from suspect. In fact, whistle blowers noted that the EFCC boss has undervalued some assets and sold them at a cheaper price to his cronies.

Among those assets that Mr Magu is said to have done away with, is the cars recovered from a south-east senator.

Some of the assets, Mr Magu has given out includes properties, which a source reliably informed this paper that he was promising to give an emir in the north a house in return for his support.

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Mr Magu, who was once asked at the senate screening by a former minister of finance to give an account of monies recovered, has failed to provide a break down of how the loot recovered has been managed, which has proven to many that they have been re-looted.

Once, when things did not work out as he had hoped, Mr Magu, had some spiritualists who he had employed solely for the extension of his stay in office, arrested.

The spiritualist, DENISAURUS News noted were living at the Trademore estate, along Abuja Airport.

Some of the Trademore estate were sealed off by the EFCC’s Magu after a recent report by this paper.

But the owners of the properties have issued a stark warning to the anti-graft boss saying that, “we expected a thorough due diligence from an organisation like EFCC before going ahead to mark our housing estates.”

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A former Director-General of the Department of State Services, DSS, who described Mr Magu as a “perennial offender,” noted before now that Mr Magu was running the EFCC based on public rumours, manoeuvres, gossips and political interference from certain quarters and marabouts.

Lawal M Daura in 2018, said: “The method (brawn instead of brain) deployed by the current EFCC under Mr Magu is a gestapo style that belongs to dictatorial regime.

“The Acting Chairman runs the agency based on public rumours, manoeuvres, gossips, political interference from certain quarters and marabouts.”

DENISAURUS News made effort to contact Mr Ibrahim Magu on this latest exposé, but the anti-graft czar did not pick up our calls, neither did he return same before filing this report.





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