MAGU: EFCC Boss Plans Image Fixing With Diaspora Political Group

👤 EXCLUSIVE: Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

The head of one of Nigeria’s biggest anti-corruption agency sent emissaries to try to bribe DENISAURUS News so that some stories on the site would be deleted.

When Adenike Lucas, the editor of the paper, refused the bribe and declined to remove the stories, Mr Magu decided to seek the help of some political friends in the diaspora, who would help him to launder his image.

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In fact, the story which revealed the “dubious” relationship between Mr Magu and Prophet Emmanuel Omale, has sparked public debate including on a popular radio show in Abuja.

The presenter of Vision FM and Farin Wata TV Station, which has a weekly programme called “Idon Mikiya,” presented by Umar Faruk Musa, noted that the Federal Government should investigate the case, which has heightened Mr Magu’s worries that he could loose his job.

Mr Magu is the only EFCC boss whose nomination as chairman was never confirmed by lawmakers.

The Commissioner of Police an indegene of Borno, after serving in the role for more than five years as an acting chairman, is still desperate to be confirmed.

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Sources close to the 58-year-old anti-graft boss, say that he is planning to use a fringe political party based in London to run a image mop-up this Saturday (May 23, 2020).

Emissaries of Mr Magu, 58, admitted in a secret recording that the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is a “wicked” man, but he begged DENISAURUS News’s editor to “please remove” those story so as to help him because he is still seeking to be confirmed as the substantive boss of the anti-graft agency.

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“You know,” the man sent by Mr Magu said:  “I have also been on this and verified everything and even most times (what) you have been writing, I confirm that this is the correct thing – like the one of (Prophet) Omale, I confirm that the one of Omale is very true.”

The man, who went on to send messages to the official DENISAURUS News twitter handle, went on to state that anything would be given for the story to be removed.

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Miss Lucas earlier today, released an audio tape of some of the people sent to plead to have stories deleted.

The paper’s reply is that it remains dedicated to fighting corruption, and Miss Lucas has constantly noted that the medium is not for seeking any form of compensation- either financial or whatever, in the job it does which have been confirmed to be accurate.

Other attempts to bribe Miss Lucas, has also been made and tapes of those discussion would be released in due time.














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