EXPOSÉ: Immigration Boss, CGI Babandede In Fraudulent Issuance Of Resident Permits To Foreigners Without Revenue To FG

👤 EXCLUSIVEAdenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Credible sources have revealed how the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service, NIS, Muhammad Babandede, has been issuing illegal resident permits to foreigners, without accruing corresponding revenue to the Federal Government of Nigeria. DENISAURUS News can authoritatively assert.

The Immigration Boss who took over substantively from the erstwhile CGI, David Paraddang, after several scheming, bragged to some loyal and close staff, how he would transform the service into a world class to compete with her contemporaries.

However, it is now very glaring and convincing, that Mr Babandede was out to swindle the Federal Government by enriching himself, and claiming to help the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to achieve some level of transparency in the service.

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DENISAURUS News was reliably informed by our sources within the Immigration Service, that their boss had flinched the Nigeria Government of several billions, almost N18b (Eighteen Billion Naira when converted from foreign currency to the Naira).

It was gathered that Mr Babandede collects not less that $700 from each foreign national, that has ever entered Nigeria and issued with the “illegal” resident permit.

A staff member averred that, “this man thinks he is smart with how he is looting the Immigration Service. How can foreign nationals come into the country, and you as CG had issued an informal directives, that all of such foreigners be channelled to your office?

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“This is because, instead of allowing the relevant department to interact with the foreigners, to know their purpose of coming into Nigeria, and charge them the normal fee for Resident Permit, Mr Babandede corners them to his office and deprive the government the revenue from such action.”

Other sources who happens to be privileged, and had to direct few of the foreigners that visited to the office of the CGI, revealed to this newspaper that their boss is a perfect description of a “thief.”

They said, “How can this man be collecting foreign currencies from these foreign nationals, all in the name of trying to held them. And then turn around to divert what he personally receives from them, without remitting to the Federal Government coffers.”

According to another source who confided in DENISAURUS News , he said “this Babandede is so smart that you can never see him take local currency, instead it’s all foreign currencies. So much that I was informed by his confidant, that himself and his state Governor had reached a common ground, regarding the political future of our boss after service.

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“CG is planning on going into politics, come 2023. I learned that should his state governor, Abubakar Badaru agrees to go for Senate after his second term, Babandede would contest for Jigawa State governor and be handed the mantle based on gentleman arrangements. ”

This newspaper understands that the NIS boss is filtering with government resources, in order to secure immunity for himself through the privileges attached to the office of governor, which he intends to assume and prevent investigation of his financial irregularities.

Probably, this is the reason behind the desperate accumulation of wealth by the CGI Babandede, otherwise why would a man who claims to be out to follow the path of transparency, continue to flinch the Federal Government of Nigeria with such impunity and recklessness.

This newspaper was also informed on how in preparation for his entrant into politics, Mr Babandede had positioned his relatives in the employ of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, so as to wet the ground for him in a case of eventualities (investigation of his tenure).

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A personal aide of EFCC’s Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, who commented on the recent revelation of diversion of funds against Mr Babandede by an online news media, informed DENISAURUS News.

He said, that man at the helm of affairs at the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, would soon be visited by the “EAGLE.”

“Reason is that we got so much intelligence on him, regarding how he has been stealing from both his staff and depriving the Federal Government of revenue, despite this trying times of COVID-19 Pandemic Disease.”

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As at the time of filing this report, calls were put across to the CGI, but he did not pick up to state his own side of the allegation.

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