Obasanjo Mourns Death Of Mugabe, An “Indomitable Fighter”

👤 By Adenike Lucas, DENISAURUS News

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo today expressed “immense sadness” over the death of Robert Mugabe.

In a condolence message, Chief Obasanjo, 82, described the late Mugabe, a former President of Zimbabwe who died at the age of 95 in Singapore, as “a front line leader, an activist, an indomitable fighter for the liberation of Zimbabwe from apartheid and oppressive racialism.”

He said: “Mugabe was a statesman per excellence and a tireless advocate of the preservation of the mystique of Africa’s moral and cultural values, who had selflessly dedicated himself to public service for most of his life, particularly as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe from 1980-1987 and also as President from 1987-2017.”

Other leaders have also sent in messages to share their experience of the deceased who first served as Prime Minister in 1980 and became President in 1987.


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