EXPLOSIVE: Fear Grips President @Mbuhari As EFCC’s Magu Embark On Blackmailing Spree Of “Cabals” Over NIPSS Course

đŸ‘€Â Exclusive By Adenike Lucas, DENISAURUS News

The Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, has commenced the threat to release blackmailing documents against associates of President Muhammadu Buhari, DENISAURUS News has gathered.

According to a source close to Mr Magu, it is an action that the Commissioner of Police, whose nomination as the fourth chairman of the EFCC was rejected twice by lawmakers, stated would happen should they not prevent him from reporting to National Institute Of Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS.

DENISAURUS News reported that Mr Magu was promoted from Deputy Commissioner of Police in March 2018. Consequently, he was meant to proceed on a Senior management course at Kuru, Jos in Plateau State.

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This paper understands that the EFCC boss did not attend the course then. However, a sources who exclusively revealed the promotion given to Mr Magu, to DENISAURUS News way before it was announced by the Police Service Commission, confirmed that a new set of people are to proceed on the course this month.

This paper understands that Mr Magu is still very reluctant to proceed to Kuru as he would rather remain at the EFCC for self-aggrandisement.

Once again Mr Magu is refusing to attend the staffer said to reporters from DENISAURUS News.

A report published days ago exposed how the Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, one of Mr Magu’s ally, came to his rescue in to frustrate the plans made by the Police Service Commission, PSC Chairman Musliu Smith, on the NIPSS course.

According to information at our disposal, the number two citizen, Pastor Professor Senior Advocate of Nigeria altered the list of attendees for the said course, in an effort to prevent anti-graft boss from leaving the agency, despite the several complaints from staff members.

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However, that effort might not be sufficient as Alhaji Smith is reluctant on getting Mr Magu out to the mandatory training.

Alhaji Smith, 72, one of the stumbling blocks to Mr Magu’s stay in office refuses to bend the law on his behalf.

Mr Magu now wants the “Cabal” in the Villa to intercede on his behalf, but they have not so he is angry.

Another close associate of Mr Magu revealed that “my friend was angry, because this people think they can use him and now discard him.

“But, when they see a leak on how an appointee of President Buhari was using foreign fronts to acquire assets in a particular country,” the anti-graft boss boasted that he would be the one behind those information.

Mr Magu, it was learned by DENISAURUS News, had in the past three years embarked on using his office as anti-graft czar, to gather personal and confidential details on close associates and appointees of President Buhari.

Our source disclosed that with the serious push by Alhaji Smith, a retired Inspector General of Police, Mr Magu is hell-bent on exposing the crime within President Muhammadu Buhari’s inner caucus known as the “cabals” at the slightest provocation because they have refused to wade in on the matter.

Recently, the PSC Chair had warned that he would not tolerate any form of impunity and interference, just to halt the anti-graft boss from proceeding for the mandatory course for Senior Police Officers.

Although, the VP Professor Osinbajo, who had preserved his unholy alliance with EFCC’s Magu, has been allowing rule of men to override the rule of law, Alhaji Smith is not accepting such interference.

DENISAURUS News had reported in the past, how the Vice President used his cunning interpretation of S.171, Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, to rubbish a painstaking report from the Department of State Services, DSS.

The secret police under erstwhile Director General, Lawal M Daura, had in October 2016, written a detailed report to the NASS Senate, intimating on the need to reject the nomination of EFCC’s Magu as the Chair of the anti-graft agency.

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The DSS warned that the anti-graft boss should not be confirmed, because he lives a “double-life,” as such, he is a “perennial offender and would be a liability on the anti-corruption fight of the present administration.”

Today, EFCC’s Magu has continued to superintendent over the revered anti-graft agency, even though, he was never confirmed by Senior Lawmakers at the NASS Senate. All thanks to the provision of a former “pastor.”

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A source also revealed, stating that “our boss who realised that he may be booted out, to attend the NIPSS course soon, had used all the paraphernalia of his office to gather information, in order to axe anyone from the government who supports the instruction for him to proceed to Jos.”

This newspaper understands that EFCC’s Magu has sent shock into the spine of associate and appointees of President Buhari, who in the past were privy to all the “corruption, impunity and victimisation” of staff members, but feign ignorance of the sordid activities of anti-graft boss.

Over hundred staff members at the EFCC who had confided in DENISAURUS News, lament severally of the nonchalant attitude of the Presidency to carry out a thorough investigation, so as to ascertain authenticity of all the allegations and exposé levelled on Mr Magu.

“We await how the Presidency would handle this latest threat of Blackmail, emanating from our boss against the insiders at the helm of affairs in Aso Rock,” intoned one of our source.

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