Trader Moni Scam: Senator Olujimi Lead Query Into Politicisation of Federal Government Empowerment Programme

👤 By Abdul Tukur,  DENISAURUS News

ABUJA — A senator representing Ekiti-South has asked the National Assembly to probe an empowerment programme introduced by the President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government.

Senator Biodun Olujimi, citing orders 42 & 52 at plenary today, urged the Senate to investigate an urgent matter of the politicisation of the Social Intervention Fund.

According to the lawmaker individuals were made to give the details of their Voter ID card to benefit from the scheme.

“Right now the funds are being used for political reasons and they are being dispensed and given freely to people who can bring up their PVCs,” she said.

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Senator Olujimi noted that “One of the forms is here with me and it is being disbursed by the special intervention body.”

She said: “This one has ‘I Stand With Buhari’ and it has a place where your PVC will be written with your gender and an attachment from access bank are money will be dispensed to.

“The funds have been used for political reasons. I have one such forms where your BVN number, PVC number, gender and account details must be written.”

Last month, DENISAURUS News raised concerns about the Trader Moni – a part of the Social Intervention Project Fund which has had a massive input from the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

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Our report shows that individuals are being fleeced by those managing the scheme.

Daramola Michael, who was awarded N10,000 loan from the empowerment project received only 80 percent of the money. The rest was stolen from him.

@DaramolaMike22 said: “They gave out #8000 instead of #10000 which means they deducted #2000 each from everyone who got the money.”

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Senator Olujimi, the highest ranking female opposition lawmaker wants the matter to be investigated.

“There is a need for the committee to be set up to look into this issue. There has to be a high powered ad hoc committee that must look into this. It is an election year and people are using these funds that are not the best to buy PVCs and put them to use on election day.”

Commenting on the motion raised by Senator Olujimi, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, the majority leader, Ahmed Lawan maintained that the Government SIP was “very transparent.”

Senator Lawan said: “I have listen attentively to the motion raised by the senate minority leader.

He adds: “Let me say from the onset that SIP of this administration is computer-based, very transparent.

“That is why for the first time in the history of Nigeria, we have a fool-proof system that anywhere you may be in Nigeria, you will apply online.”

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