EXCLUSIVE: Lady Runs Mad At A Popular Abuja Hotel, Eye Witness Recounts Previous Occurrences

Exclusive By: 👤 Danjuma Aliyu, Editorial Director, DENISAURUS News

ABUJA — There is a proverb that says desperate times call for desperate measures. For the witnesses of the shenanigans that took place at a luxurious hotel in Nigeria’s capital on November 7, this is one of those times.

DENISAURUS News received a call from a woman who claimed that something strange had taken place at the popular guesthouse in Abuja owned by a revered business man turned politician.

According to the caller, a lady who was lodged in the hotel, “just came down (from a room upstairs) and immediately she was about stepping out of the reception, she started shouting abnormally.”

The witness said “before you knew it, the lady removed her clothes and all that (suggesting mental disorder).

The woman was held and everyone (guests) started questioning and asking about the room she came out from, DENISAURUS News was exclusively told.

“No one knew or has any idea about the name of the guest….” the witness said.

Other guests began to fear foul when the woman began acting abnormally. Some believe that the actions of the woman might have to do with the political season where desperate people do desperate things for power.

It is common knowledge that the need to grab power has caused some leaders to go the black route.

For instance days before an election in the South West of Nigeria was to take place, a prominent politician was caught bathing naked in the market.

DENISAURUS News can not ascertain the reason why the Majority Leader of a State House of Assembly, would do what he did.

But according to Kookie (not her real name), this strange acts will become more prevalent as Nigerians prepare to head to the polls next year February.

Kookie and friends who relived other experiences they have witnessed, noted that sad things have happened in the country over the desperation for power.

Speaking with a reporter from DENISAURUS News, Kookie explained that so many people have disappeared, with many body part located days after.

“These girls looking for quick money are an easy target for this greedy politicians,” Kookie noted before dashing out of the building.

A reporter for this paper who was sent to the area where the mad guest was lodged, discovered that this was not the first time such event had happened in the hotel.

According to another eye witness who also refused to give her name, “there are girls who sleep with different guys and at the end of the month they go to sleep with the politicians, where all the destinies of the guys will be transferred to the big men”

She said: “Because the politicians are very important personalities in society, the Luxury hotels, usually cover up the story as if the mental disorder ladies came from outside.”

While discussing with DENISAURUS News, the woman noted that “politicians are giving ladies some things (spiritual) which they go sleep (s**) with younger boys.”

Apparently, the ladies must give what the politician gave them to the men they sleep with, unfortunately, they don’t go scout free, because in the end even the women who are paid large sums of monies to do what they have done eventually would run mad.

An official of the hotel refused to speak about the incident when contacted by DENISAURUS News

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